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A Bunch of games shown off at Nokia World 2010

Thanks to Theultimat111 for providing these great videos, as we can see some videos have a N8 prototype C0 as label so am not sure if this is how N8 finally performs.Some gameloft games seem to have Framerate issues, hope they sort it out before the N8 releases.


Some clarifications on E7 Specs

There is a misconception going on that the E7 doesnt have a front cam and a second mic for audio recording, Its totally false and i am here to prove it.


Official Forum Nokia Comparo of all the four new Symbian^3 devices

So, i have been doing a lot of searching and updating today thanks to Nokia world.However i always found that the best source for getting to know about a phone “in and out” is the Forum Nokia Devices section. I went there right after i knew that the page was updated with the new devices announced at the Nokia world . Here’s what i found as the major differences :