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Windows Phone Mango to start rolling out in the coming weeks


Finally, all the speculation has been put to rest by the Windows Phone team. The much awaited update of Microsoft’s Windows Phone dubbed “Mango” which brings over 500 new features for end users (Most of them are under the hood, but still, it’s a huge update) is ready to rock your existing Windows Phone devices.

The new update to the beautifully metro OS brings many must-have features like Fast multitasking, enhanced live tile support, new APIs, a lot of updates to the built-in apps like bing. Do not forget the much awaited front facing camera support. The list is endless, check this short and sweet review of Mango.

The update will start rolling out in the coming weeks and the process will follow the same as NoDo. The timing is dependent on the manufacturers and carriers now. You can follow the ” Where is my phone update ? ” for exact dates on when the roll out hits your region/carrier/device. And you will need the new versions of Zune software for PCs and Windows Phone connector for mac to install the latest update.

Good to know that the roll out is starting in the coming weeks, which suggests that Nokia world will indeed feature some juice Mango-based Nokias.

For more details check the source link.

Source Windows Team Blog

Tango Video chat demoed on HTC Titan using Mango [Video]

Well, we knew that front facing camera is supported in Windows Phone Mango, the latest and greatest version of Microsoft’s mobile OS.But we never got to saw how video chat works in that metro based OS right ?

Here is a demo of Tango ( a video chat app pretty famous since it launched for iOS ) on HTC Titan, which launched recently, running Mango ( Windows phone 7.5 )

Works pretty well, eh ? We can use both the front camera as well as the back camera for the calls. The camera quality seems poor in that lighting, we can wait for Nokia to show their awesomeness in this department.

Now that we have seen how Tango works, it’s not hard to imagine how it will work when Skype gets integrated into Windows Phone since, you know, Microsoft bought it.

Source Windows Phone Blog

Samsung’s first Windows 8 tablet leaks just before BUILD

According to a weibo user by the name of Michelle Hu, the above image is of the first Windows 8 tablet made by Samsung, that is to be distributed to devs at BUILD conference that’s starting in 3-4 hours. This looks strikingly similar to the series 7 slate tablet Samsung launched recently. In fact, they said the same slate will get upgraded to Windows 8, according to the verge.

This tablet supposedly runs an ultra low power version of an intel quad core CPU, most probably the core i5.But the jury is still out on this, it may run ARM based Nvidia Kal-El too. We’ll know for sure, soon.

Source Mobiletechworld via TIMN

Blazing fast Windows 8 boot times revealed on video

Last time we saw the new ribbon interface being demoed and now yet another reveal, full of awesomeness this time. Long time requested feature on Windows is a faster boot time, which was never implemented till now.

Usually what happens when you shutdown your windows machines  : Kills all processes, kernel shuts down, and during startup : Loads kernel and starts all apps

What MS have done in Windows 8 : Kernel is set to hibernate with less write data to disk, so while starting up, the kernel resumes almost instantly after POST ( power on self test )

MS explains this in an image :

Microsoft claims this process makes Windows 8 50-70% faster than the current boot times. Hard to accept ? Well, they got a video demo for that, warning : dont blink

Source MSDN blogs via WinRumors

Windows 8 Ribbon interface demoed on the explorer [Video]

Finally, after nearly 8 years of waiting, Office users will now relish the addition of the famed ribbon interface onto the explorer in Windows 8.

Microsoft , in it’s Build windows 8 blog, has demoed the interface in a video, take a look :

The ribbon interface give us easy and instant access to various shortcuts that we frequently use and sometime, dig for, in the right click menu. However, i dont see any use for cut copy paste functions in the ribbon since most people know the keyboard shortcuts. But many still don’t, i have to agree, and it might be much easier for them to navigate. I like how the ribbon interface automatically brings on a set of tools according to the type of file or folder we have chosen.

Also, i feel if Microsoft sees this as an effort to bring touch interaction into the OS, sorry, it wont work well. Some people feel that it takes a lot of screen real estate, i too somewhat feel the same but we can live with it right ?

Have you seen the tablet demos of Windows 8 ? We are yet to see more demos of those kinda interfaces that suits touch. Hoping there is much more to Windows 8 than this Ribbon interface. 

via WinRumors ( Tom Warren has a much detailed look at the Ribbon interface )

Source MSDN blogs

HTC Omega already up for sale at an auction site

This is fast, i reported few days back that the HTC Omega has broken cover in the form of press shots. Expected that it would be revealed at the September 1st windows phone event, but it has already gone on sale from an individual at a french auction site. I really like the looks of this phone which resembles a mini flyer tablet.

Here is a pic for proof :

The phone runs the official version of Mango and the specs rumored as of now are :

3.8 inch Display, a 8 megapixel camera, 1.5 GHz MSM8255 Snapdragon with 512 MB RAM.

Also, the front facing camera is a possibility.

via WMPU / monwindowsphone — check for more pics


Microsoft to dole out Windows 8 based Quad core tablets for devs at BUILD ?

Windows 8 created quite a stir when it was demoed at the All Things D conference a while back. However the details were really vague, the company promised that they will reveal more stuff at the BUILD conference that is set to get underway in September.

Now, at the TechED meet going on at New Zealand, Microsoft has given the people there a sneak preview of not one, but two tablets and has promised the devs that they will be giving out a ARM based Quad core tablet in an event in the near future. Does that mean the BUILD conference ? Hoping so.

Windows 8 is the company’s real effort at entering the ever burgeoning tablet market. Commercially said to arrive by mid 2012, the product is under active development and a lot of questions are yet to be answered. Hope MS comes up with good enough answers at the upcoming BUILD conference and certainly, the giving away is a smart way of getting the platform ready with a plethora of apps, but it is nothing new.

Source SmartGeek via WinRumors

HTC to introduce new Mango Windows Phones at September 1 event

Partnership still intact eh ?

HTC, the rapidly upcoming smartphone superpower is supposedly going to unveil new Mango based Windows Phone devices at an event taking place on September 1st, reports BGR.

According to BGR’s well placed sources, two new devices, namely HTC omega and HTC eternity are going to be introduced , and catch is, it’s a Windows Phone only event ! HTC is a big proponent of the Android ecosystem and it has recently confirmed that Android is it’s main platform. Isn’t it surprising that they are holding a Windows phone- only event ?

Also, according to BGR, the Eternity is a mango phone with a 3.7 inch display headed to AT&T, and Omega is a 4.5  inch mammoth headed to T-Mobile. Both same carriers if the merger goes through. So, i guess no love for CDMA, on the brighter side, the GSM devices would be globally available and soon it may launch in India too. If HTC markets them well enough, it should succeed here. Let’s see how the hardware specs hold against the slew of dual-core Android devices.

Source BGR

Microsoft poaches WebOS devs with free WP7 phones and tools

WebOS devs are endangered species after yesterday’s shocker and as usual, MS’ Brandon watson, who usually promotes Windows phones very differently ( like offering celebs and internet personalities free Windows phones to try out, posting his phone number on twitter for devs and spammers ) has offered any published webOS dev to take a WP7 ride.

AllthingsD reports that Brandon, sr. director of windows phone had tweeted :

I am sure there are many webOS devs who would be interested to join the Windows phone platform and the key driving force for them would be the free phones and tools, hehe jus kidding.

Windows phone already has more than 25k apps in the marketplace now and is growing faster than AppStore or the Android market in it’s first year. And now that Nokia is coming into the mix, it should get much better and webOS devs can’t get a better offer than this.

Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 will support Windows 8

File this under coming soon, uh, i mean like, in a year or so.

Qualcomm recently went for a rebranding of it’s range of System-on-Chip solutions. They are categorized as –

S1 – Mass market Smartphones ( 1 Ghz , Adreno 200 )

S2 – high performance smartphones and tablets ( 1.5 Ghz Single core plus Adreno 205 )

S3 – Multitasking and advanced gaming ( Dual core 1.5 Ghz plus Adreno 220 with stereoscopic 3D )

They have hinted on the next iteration today, that is —

S4 – Read on to find out what Qualcomm has to say –