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HTC sense 3.5 demoed on the upcoming HTC bliss [Video]

Sense is a beautiful UI overlay, that has been applied over all the HTC Android smartphones. Timely updates are one of it’s strengths.

Sense 3.5

Not too long ago, the HTC sensation marked the arrival of Sense 3.0, a revamped version of the much fancy UI. It has been now demoed in a video , take a look :

As you can see above, it just got a lot smoother and fancier with new widgets, animation and a boost in framerate.Bigger change though, is the lack of a bottom bar which is replaced by two buttons.

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Apple suppliers building cheaper iPhone4 with 8GB memory : Reuters

Just speculating

Here goes the rumor mill again. This time its Reuters reporting that Apple suppliers are purportedly buiding a cheaper version of the iPhone4 with just 8 GB of flash memory ( Are flash memory really costly at all these days ? i dont believe it )

Here’s what Reuters has to say :

(Reuters) – Asian suppliers to Apple Inc have begun manufacturing a lower-priced version of its hot-selling iPhone 4 with a smaller 8 gigabyte flash drive, according to two people with knowledge of the matter.

Apple usually sources from Toshiba and Samsung for flash memories but this time it looks like some other company is making it and doesnt want public to know its name. ( Hmmm fishy ). According to them, the 8GB version of the iPhone4, which initially launched with 16 and 32 GB version in black and then in white. Also, interesting to note if the flash memory alone will be a cost cutting factor, it can also be the display, which would be like the iPod, just TFT not IPS. We shall know soon.

More questions arise in my mind :

* Is this the iPhone nano everyone is talking about ?

* Will it launch only in emerging markets like India, China.. etc ?

* Will it launch as a TD-SCDMA device for China mobile which is the world’s biggest operator ?

Let’s hope all these questions are answered by Apple in a few weeks. Looking forward to cheaper iPhone 4 or the standard iPhone 5 ?

Bing and Baidu announce search deal

Another Microsoft news, and a big one ! Microsoft’s search solution “Bing” has inked a deal with the Chinese government run search giant Baidu.

Take that GOOGLE !!

The deal states that Baidu will incorporate Bing’s english results in it’s search engine, and of course MS will get paid for that, by naturally gaining/sharing nearly 3/4th of the chinese market share. You know why this is huge ? Because it’s China ! We all know how it went for Google, with great backlash from the government regarding strict rules for content. But it still holds 19.6 % mkt. share while Bing is no where to be seen. So, good thing for Microsoft that it could ink a deal with the government . Seems it’s a deal week at Redmond.

See more about the Android patent license deals

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Windows Phone market explosion in 2012 ? [Thoughts]

Chinese Fireworks

Recently, after Microsoft unveiled the “Mango” update, which was arguably, a software update, it released a teeny tiny interesting bit of news on the hardware side too. Am talking about the three new OEMs joining Microsoft’s party. They are Acer,Fujitsu, and behold .. ZTE, the fourth largest mobile phones manufacturer in the world !

Yes , once , and still ,majorly an infrastructure manufacturer ( like GSM equipment, routers etc. ), ZTE has joined the Windows phone ecosystem. They are already in the Android ecosystem for some years now and boy, did they make a killing ! Almost all Android phones launched by Indian pseudo-manufacturers were licensed from ZTE, like the overtly famous Micromax Andro based on the ZTE Penguin and the Dell XCD35 which was wildly popular in the U.K by the name of “Orange San Francisco” is nothing but a ZTE Blade. Impressive, no ?


Meizu M9 gets a website and a spec sheet

Meizu M9 , if you have not heard, is the most famous(arguably) iphone clone made by the chinese extraordinaire.

Now this company is also famous for its outspoken CEO jack wong who has teased us with the M9 for quite sometime now.Also, it is one of the most competitive clones in terms of Hardware as well as software.

Lets look at the specs :

  • 3.5 inch 960×640 Sharp ASV display ( doesn’t want to infringe apple patent by calling it retina display )
  • 1 Ghz S5PC110 processor ( like in the hummingbird SoC touting Galaxy S )
  • Android Froyo with a complete custom skin, all the usual connectivity options like WiFi,Bluetooth,GpS.
  • And for the first time, supports All forms of GSM/3G technologies(M8 supported only Td-CDMA tech). So the phone is going global 🙂
  • Removable 1370 mah lithium ion battery.

To sum it up, it IS a clone of the iphone 4 and it IS awesome! Hope it releases everywhere including India 🙂

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