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iPhone 4S : Why all this hype for a latecomer ?

Did you know that the device cycle for an iPhone is refreshed every year during the Summer ? Yep, that is right. Every year, since 2007 a new iPhone is released during WWDC that happens on the months of June/July. But this time Apple chose to introduce the new model in October, why ?


Nokia Essence – NFC bluetooth headset that brings 99% noise cancellation in a small package

Well, look what we got here, a beautiful NFC enabled BH-214 successor in a compact package. Well done Nokia !

The Nokia Essence features a stereo bluetooth headset with NFC pairing and i designed similar to the BH-214 except the 3.5 mm jack is not present in this device. The in-ear phones are now in black, woo !

Best part is the Noise cancellation, nearly 99% of the ambient noise is cancelled and provides you a clean music experience with this headset. And NFC pairing will make it very easy for you to connect/disconnect with a touch. I know it s a big usability boost cos i am suffering a connection disconnection inconvenience with my Bh-214 and the N8 even though they are allowed to automatically connect. This device works with any bluetooth 2.0 compatible phone and also the present 5 NFC enabled Nokias that are available in the market ( Nokia 700,701,600,C7 and N9 )

Complete specifications here.

No prices mentioned in Nokia’s page, let’s see what it is when they ship it.

Source Nokia conversations

Read on to learn more about the Noise cancellation.


Next generation Symbian, [Belle] launched

Like they teased us earlier, they have brought on the new Symbian and have launched it at the Hong Kong event today, along with three new devices, more on the devices here – ( Nokia 700 Nokia 701 and Nokia 600 ).

Symbian Belle is the next iteration of the Operating system after Anna. Belle brings a completely modern interface with lots of new widgets and Apps. Fortunately due to a leak, i have been using a beta version of Belle and wow, it rocks !

Read on to find out the features and new UI tweaks.

New features :

  • Free form live Widgets !
  • Six homescreens to stuff everything up
  • New swipe down thin status bar ( Like Android )
  • New navibar at the bottom, does away with Avkon softkeys
  • New lockscreen
  • NFC support

Here’s a video tour

Here’s the official promo :

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Source Nokia conversations

The rumored Nokia 1GHz S40 has arrived in gold, sells only to oil-rich Arabs, for now

Had this been released before the Nokia 500, Symbian 3 users would have cried blood. Lo – behold the gold plated S40 device : Nokia c3-01 gold edition

Not too long ago, I had ranted about the same ,on a news mentioning 1GHz Nokia devices arriving to the S40 portfolio in the form of C3-01.5. And i had asked you to take the specs list with a pinch of salt, you should have had a tub of it really, nothing’s true except the processor speed 1 GHz.

Specs of the C3-01 Gold edition are :

  • 2.4 inch QVGA display with a resistive touchscreen
  • Body is 18 carat gold plated with a ceramic feel keypad ( luxurious materials are used )
  • 3.5G HSDPA connectivity with a quadband radio and usual features like Bluetooth/Wifi are available, oh and USB otg is there too
  • Charging through micro USB as well as std. charger
  • Micro SD card slot for memory expansion upto 32GB

It has started shipping to the eastern european nations and the middle east, where it will be available for 225 euros ( Pretty cheap for a gold plated device ! ). Perfect demographic target i would say, because the sheikhs love to pimp up their phones with gold or whatever they find pricey. They should be really happy that Nokia is launching there first. It will slowly start creeping to other markets if need arises.

Source Nokia Conversations

Nokia launches *new* naming scheme and *new* Symbian strategy with the Nokia 500

Nokia have started their new Symbian strategy with the launch of Nokia 500, a low-mid range Symbian Anna smartphone with a processor clocked at 1 GHz. Let’s not get carried away by that number, i will explain it’s existence after we see what this phone packs, other than the processor speed.

C5-03 successor ?

The specs you need to know are :

  • 3.2 inch TFT nHD 360X640 display with a capacitive touch screen
  • 2 GB internal storage memory with microSD card expandable to 32 GB
  • 5 megapixel camera full focus with VGA recording at 15 FPS
  • Runs Symbian Anna
  • Interchangeable color covers


Apple iWork is now available for 3.5 inch screens

The productivity suite of Apple , called iWork , is now available on the iPhone and iPod touches that are running iOS 4 and above. This has been available for the iPad since it launched more than one and a half years ago. Probably Apple wanted iWork to be a differentiation factor for the iPad but seems it has not worked out. And to capitalize the huge app buying market, it has released it in iTunes for a hefty 10 $. It includes Keynote for presentations, Pages for word like functionality and the Numbers is an excel clone. Grab a copy and say “iWork on my iPhone” just for fun !

Via Engadget , download links : Keynote, Pages, Numbers

PR after the break


Sony ericsson launches a colorful “Shakira” , says its a walkman series phone W8

Remember the cool walkman series phones you used to own sometime in the past ? Flashy interfaces, loud speakers and snazzy colors were trademark features of the walkman phones from Sony Ericsson. I can’t keep count of how many of my friends raved about these phones. Well, Sony Ericsson has now hinted the repeat of that legacy by launching the W8, simply a colored version of the cheap Android smartphone from SE, the Xperia X8 codenamed “Shakira”.

It runs Android 2.1 and is walkman series branded, look at the nostalgic logo below the hardware keys.This might, as well be on of the few walkman phones, or maybe the lone Walkman phone with a 3.5 mm jack ? But it’s for the best i would say, who likes the proprietary port anyway ? Other specs are same as the X8, Read more about the phone here .

Quick specs round up : a 3-inch, 320 x 480 touchscreen, a 600MHz processor, 168MB of RAM and Android 2.1

LG announces the Optimus black,combats Samsung in style

You know, these korean guys, they are the leading consumer electronics manufacturers, and they fight with each other pretty nicely, and how would they miss CES ?:)

LG,after launching a hardware-geek-orgasmic Optimus 2x,today in CES and in a special press conference today, has unveiled the Optimus black, the direct answer to the galaxy s( finally! a bit too late but, again finally ! ).


Courtesy : engadget


So, this is the LG optimus with NOVA display (700 nits of brightness) “so bright so clear” is what LG claims. The Black is 9.2mm thick(slimmer than the iphone 4) and houses a 1500 maH battery in that slim casing.It runs froyo.has a 2 megapixel front facing camera but rear camera is unspecified .The phone will sell in the 1st half of 2011.story about the hardware is still developing…. keep an eye on here for updates.

Read on to find the press release in which LG brags about the display.


Nvidia launches GTX 580

As reported eariler, Nvidia has today launched the World’s Fastest DX11 GPU, the GTX 580.

Details :


* 1.5 GB of DDR5 memory

*  772MHz clock speed

* 192.4GBps memory bandwidth

* effective memory data rate of 4GHz

About the price :

CRN has a $499 price for us and a recital of NVIDIA’s internal estimate that the GTX 580 bests the GTX 480 by between 20 and 35 percent. It seems, however, that the embargo for this hot new slice of silicon is set for early tomorrow morning, so check back then for the expert review roundup.

Will AMD best Nvidia again ??

Rather,lets hope the price gets more competitive.

Via Engadget