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Android dual booted on Palm Pre , Users quench some App thirst

The modders never take a break, do they ?

After the advent of common platforms like OMAP and Snapdragon being used across many OSes , there have been many accounts of phones dual booting different OSes. It all started with the N900, the HTC HD2 and some other devices. Now, the Pre gets itself added to that list, thanks to a talented modder by the name of K7dar3 from the PreCentral forums.

Apparently the hack is a no-frills AOSP ( Android open source project ) Which allows you to dual boot Android(am guessing gingerbread) very easily on a Pre. And the best thing is, people say it’s very non destructive, i,e nothing happens to the original WebOS. So, you can try if you want. head on to the PreCentral forums for a good know-how and they have safe warnings too.The hack is not a full featured one, i.e Android does not work that well, but , hey , this is quite an accomplishment !

Hit the read more for a side facing video demo of Android on the Pre.

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Now Droid Incredible gets Gingerbread [Video]

It seems the people at Xda Developers have not slept since the launch of Google Android’s Gingerbread . After dishing out so many releases for certain phones.Its the turn of the verizon’s nexus one clone to get the Gingerbread port. Apparently, like others this too is a work in progress, but it is already very fascinating to see how responsive it works and almost 95 % complete. Only some nagging issues like GPS and Video recording don’t work as of now but the rest of the phone just works and kudos to the Xda devs for that, especially that they can bring a flavor to any phone before Htc,samsung or Verizon does.

Via Engadget Source xda-developers

Video after the break.


Galaxy S gets gingerbread

As predicted in this article, the galaxy S now struts its stuff with a speedy new gingerbread version, a direct port from Nexus S. We all know why , don’t we ? And it is the XDA devs who have done it again. Still there are non-operational stuff like calls,GPS,Wifi. But it will wound up fine in a few days. Supercurio , part of the XDA dev community has brought us these two videos as a proof of concept for Gingerbread running on Galaxy S. The first one demonstrates the cool CRT style switch off animation.Take a look :

Second video is much detailed, and it is after the break.

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New Android Market Brings new UI(Ver. 2.2.6)

A rumor was going around that the Android market is getting updated to feature new UI, now it has become true.

Have a look at this screenshot :


Courtesy : XDA-developers


So, do you notice the nice nip and tuck beautification of the market ? It’s supposed to have UI elements from the Honeycomb flavor of Android that is bound to release soon. So, download it right away and experience the new UI. The main advantage of the new UI is , you can view details of the application by being in the same page, means not needing to navigate to another tab. And some respite has been given to the apk size constraint of 25 MB, now it has been increased to 50 MB. Still , i think it limits the potential of the Market for Games.

Supposedly available for all flavors of android, but if you find any issues feel free to comment.

Read on to find a rough changelog :


The Gingerbread digest

A christmas gift from Google

Gingerbread is the latest and greatest flavor of the Android operating system from Google.

Days,having progressed with dark leaks and rumours, finally has seen the light. Gingerbread is launched along with the second Nexus phone from google called Nexus S, made by samsung. This must not be a surprise because of being repeatedly leaked by engadget.

First lets get to the device which runs the new android Gingerbread which is supposed to bring in some nice improvements.