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Samsung planning for Galaxy branded 3d phone Q4 2011 ?

Well, who didn’t see this coming ? We all know how the two korean giants always battle it out, while LG has been the forerunner with the optimus 3D already available in the market, it’s now Samsung’s turn this year says trusted korean blog ET news.

coming to a phone near you ?

The phone is rumored to be the 3d version of the overtly popular Galaxy S2, running the same dual core Exynos processor that Samsung has homegrown. Might launch with the same Android Gingerbread, but sources say that it will get an update to the ice cream sandwich. So, will Samsung deliver ? Will 3D content become mainstream ? Let’s just hope so, and honestly, we should really start saving up for a 3D tv to spice up our living rooms.

Source via sammyhub

ASUS EeePad Transformer makes Indian debut at Rs.32,999

Great news for all you tablet crazy people out there. The much coveted Android honeycomb sporting ASUS EeePad transformer tablet has arrived on Indian shores, with a price tag of Rs.32,999/-.

What makes this tablet special ? Well, it’s the form factor !

Absolutely innovative stuff from ASUS. Clip on full size keyboard transforms the touchscreen tablet into a portable workhorse. Remove the keyboard and it transforms into a more portable tablet-y form factor. And it has a slew of ports that supports many interfaces like mini HDMI, USB with OTG capabilities ( Not supported in software yet ).

Other specs are like almost similar to other Honeycomb tablets with reference hardware such as : Dual core Tegra 2, 10.1 inch screen with 1280×800 resolution, 16/32 GB of mass memory, 1 GB of RAM..etc

Coming to the price, i think it’s a bit high considering the biggest competitor “iPad2” is priced much lesser at 29k. But the form factor is an attractive one, people looking for tablets as laptop replacements may find it worthy.

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Nokia SeaRay with Windows phone Mango leaks, again !

First it was our “favorite” CEO Stephen Elop who foolishly asked to put off live cameras away in a press meet while revealing the N9 clone of Windows phone called “SeaRay”. While that video has faded into oblivion thanks to copyright claims on Youtube, a new one featuring the same version has been found, this might be taken down soon too, take a look :

This is more of a leak than the last video. It has been shot in a factory where the phone might have been produced/tested. Go chinese !

We need to mainly note that there is no Front facing camera or atleast we cannot see. There are capacitive buttons present for interaction. Previously we could not see them. Looks exactly like the N9 (duh!).

So, do you like it ? Or do you still want the N9 ? 😉

1 ghz Nokia C3-01.5 spied, it’s S40 mind it!

Hellz yeah, while Symbian users are whining away with paltry 680 MHz processors in their SMARTphones, here comes a leak which has a supposedly “dumb” S40 device – the Nokia C3-01.5 sporting a 1 GHZ processor with 512 MB RAM and a clear back amoled capacitive display. It definitely looks like the upgraded Nokia C3-01 which is of the touch and type genre of phones. Please take the specs with a pinch of salt, they might not be true.

GSMArena has scored the leak from a chinese site, visit them for more details.

Now, the rant :

Seriously, Nokia ? Smartphones are getting 680MHz processors while S40 dumb phones getting 1 GHZ processor with 512 MB RAM ? On one hand , i am glad S40 is getting powerful with the supposed addition of Qt to the platform, on the other hand, i am pissed. Well, all for the best , i should assume. One day, the new S40 which might be linux based running a fast Qt UI with a much better browser and thousands of nice third party apps might be the biggest Smart/dumbphone hybrid we’d have ever seen. Either way i see, Symbian is SOOO dead haha.

Nokia E7 Review : Style over substance ??

First Impressions –

Recently i got to trial the E7 thanks to the kind folks at WomWorldNokia. The moment i opened the package i was greeted by a small box inside which, the big E7 resided along with other box contents, which are exactly the same as what the N8 got except for the charger which is Micro USB, not proprietary 2mm.

First feeling after i took up the E7 in hand is “Damn, it is heavy”, weighing in at a hefty 176g, this is probably the heaviest phone i have handled, ever. The design, i felt, was very premium with high quality materials used all over the body.  We are greeted by the 4 inch deep black screen (Clear black AMOLED touchscreen). When i say “deep black” i really really mean it. This is before turning on the phone, that is. And then the Symbian inauguration was followed by opening up the slide to reveal one of the USPs of this device, the well spaced four row qwerty keyboard which was a delight to type on . The slide is very reaffirming, giving us a clean snapping sound and it is quite strong, no rattles, no abrasion, it is very clean.It runs the same old symbian^3 as the N8, but it is quite optimized for its screen estate of 4 inches. Have to reiterate again that the 4 inch CBD AMOLED display is one of the best i have ever seen, right up there with the SGS2 display which is, of course splendid from what i have seen.Camera is EdoF and it is bad, i will explain why.

That’s all for the first impressions, let’s get on to the full blown review then, shall we?


Bing and Baidu announce search deal

Another Microsoft news, and a big one ! Microsoft’s search solution “Bing” has inked a deal with the Chinese government run search giant Baidu.

Take that GOOGLE !!

The deal states that Baidu will incorporate Bing’s english results in it’s search engine, and of course MS will get paid for that, by naturally gaining/sharing nearly 3/4th of the chinese market share. You know why this is huge ? Because it’s China ! We all know how it went for Google, with great backlash from the government regarding strict rules for content. But it still holds 19.6 % mkt. share while Bing is no where to be seen. So, good thing for Microsoft that it could ink a deal with the government . Seems it’s a deal week at Redmond.

See more about the Android patent license deals

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Microsoft wants Samsung to pay up 15$ for every android sold

Here we go again ! Like we saw earlier how MS makes more money off Android than Windows Phone thanks to HTC, now it’s Samsung’s turn.

" Selling Droids ? Pay me a cut first "

This is right after a series of patent license deals with Onkyo, Velocity micro and Itronix (all Android device manufacturers). Samsung on the other hand, was till now, out of this attack. Now, they seek to lower the price per device to 10 $ and also, most importantly seek a deeper relationship with MS on the windows platform (More phones perhaps ? May be the rumored SGS2 hardware running WP mango ?). While MS should be happy whatever happens, the licensing deals are a boon till Android sales soar.

I still remember what Ballmer said once ” Android does not come free “.

Source Reuters