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Google Wallet brings NFC mobile payments to the mainstream [Video]

Google, often out-of-words while trying to justify the NFC chip in Nexus S, has now come out with a strong mainstream solution. It’s called Google Wallet, savvy ?

Google wallet and Google Offers

The Google wallet is basically an app, that uses the NFC for contactless mobile payments. This “tap and go type” payments have been demoed since early 2000s ( mainly by Nokia using the 3220 ) whereas, it is already mainstream in the most courageous nation ” Japan “. But U.S.A is the cynosure of media and hence globally recognized “mainstream” is now achieved thanks to the huge push by Google(not Apple ;-))

Google has partenered with major retailers including Subway, Macy’s, Walgreens, Toys ‘R Us, First Data, Citibank and MasterCard and with Sprint on the carrier side. That looks seriously mainstream to me, come on, MasterCard is in the mix !Another addition to today’s launch is Google offers, which sends you daily alerts of offers from retailers and of course, compatible with Google wallet. More like Groupon, i think ?

How does it work ? Well, you can load up a Google pre paid card (Like Entropay)and use it , or you can link a Citi Mastercard and pay with your phone. Nice !

Initially it would be available to the Sprint Nexus S 4G owners alone, but don’t worry , Google has pledged to partner with all the giants , they said β€œIn terms of iPhone, RIM, Microsoft β€” we will partner with everyone,”. What a bold thing to say,eh ? Good for consumers. Also, the Wallet app may be even used in non-NFC enabled phones using a certain NFC sticker, but i don’t know how far that would go , security wise. Anyway, intense testing has already started in NYC and SFO. Let’s hope for the best and dream about NFC implementation in India.

Hands-on video after the break.

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Samsung officially launches the Nexus S and 5 other Android smartphones in India [Round Up]

Nexus S and Galaxy pro shown off

Today, Samsung officially launched Nexus S, the pure Google device, along with 5 other Android smartphones, determined to take over the ever-burgeoning smartphone market here,in India.Samsung has outdone itself today by launching phones that are already in the market. But were they launching products or making a statement ? Read on to find out.


Galaxy S gets gingerbread

As predicted in this article, the galaxy S now struts its stuff with a speedy new gingerbread version, a direct port from Nexus S. We all know why , don’t we ? And it is the XDA devs who have done it again. Still there are non-operational stuff like calls,GPS,Wifi. But it will wound up fine in a few days. Supercurio , part of the XDA dev community has brought us these two videos as a proof of concept for Gingerbread running on Galaxy S. The first one demonstrates the cool CRT style switch off animation.Take a look :

Second video is much detailed, and it is after the break.

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Samsung says NO to Super Amoled in the russian Nexus S

In soviet russia, lcd sees you. while s-amoled’s don’t. Bah, nuff humor. Anyhow. ….


The news is that our sammie boy has decided to go with a Super clear LCD version of the Nexus S in russia and may soon follow suit in other countries too.While the default super amoled will still be used in majority, it is still unclear why russia alone gets super clear LCD first. Obviously, the move is due to shortage of Super amoled supply ,but still ? why Russia alone first ?

They have also pointed the launch to February 2011 for this Android flagship.

While some say Super clear LCD is technologically advanced and even better than Super Amoled. It is hard to comprehend for Sammie’s S-amoled fans, who might buy a galaxy S instead.

But you might slightly judge with the picture above.

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Source Samsung Russia (LiveJournal)

The Gingerbread digest

A christmas gift from Google

Gingerbread is the latest and greatest flavor of the Android operating system from Google.

Days,having progressed with dark leaks and rumours, finally has seen the light. Gingerbread is launched along with the second Nexus phone from google called Nexus S, made by samsung. This must not be a surprise because of being repeatedly leaked by engadget.

First lets get to the device which runs the new android Gingerbread which is supposed to bring in some nice improvements.