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Nokia E7 Review : Style over substance ??

First Impressions –

Recently i got to trial the E7 thanks to the kind folks at WomWorldNokia. The moment i opened the package i was greeted by a small box inside which, the big E7 resided along with other box contents, which are exactly the same as what the N8 got except for the charger which is Micro USB, not proprietary 2mm.

First feeling after i took up the E7 in hand is “Damn, it is heavy”, weighing in at a hefty 176g, this is probably the heaviest phone i have handled, ever. The design, i felt, was very premium with high quality materials used all over the body.  We are greeted by the 4 inch deep black screen (Clear black AMOLED touchscreen). When i say “deep black” i really really mean it. This is before turning on the phone, that is. And then the Symbian inauguration was followed by opening up the slide to reveal one of the USPs of this device, the well spaced four row qwerty keyboard which was a delight to type on . The slide is very reaffirming, giving us a clean snapping sound and it is quite strong, no rattles, no abrasion, it is very clean.It runs the same old symbian^3 as the N8, but it is quite optimized for its screen estate of 4 inches. Have to reiterate again that the 4 inch CBD AMOLED display is one of the best i have ever seen, right up there with the SGS2 display which is, of course splendid from what i have seen.Camera is EdoF and it is bad, i will explain why.

That’s all for the first impressions, let’s get on to the full blown review then, shall we?


Nokia E7 support videos

Just got an E7 ? These support videos from Nokia will guide you through simple stuff you may not know or had ignored.

Have a look :

Hit read more for other videos .


Nokia India’s D.Shivakumar launches E7 with SRK,elaborates on #NokMsft [Video]

SRK and the E7 launch

Nokia India has launched the Nokia E7 in a grand fashion with bollywood Superstar Shah Rukh Khan at the capital yesterday.The E7 is priced at Rs.29,999/- .Expect a review from me,soon.

Also,i think this is the first time the head honcho of Nokia India has given a press briefing after the #NokMsft partnership.He has spoken to the press regarding the Nokia-Microsoft partnership for the first time in India.

He gives us thoughts on Nokia’s future dictated by his worldwide boss Stephen Elop, but seems to have declined to comment on job cuts here in India, according to CNBC TV18. What he says is plainly what Elop said, but in a more practical way.

Key takeaways :

  • Complete transition to Windows Phone will start by 2013 ( practical since migration atleast to India will take long )
  • key strategies include maintaining current customer base, Internet for the next billion and of course spearheading the partnership with Microsoft
  • Nokia India will take some hard measures , meaning there WILL be job cuts, mostly the Symbian engineering teams in Bangalore will face the axe.

Source CNBC TV18

Nokia E7 Pre-booking starts [Chennai,India]

After the much delayed launch, the Nokia E7 is going to be finally available for pre-booking(March 2,2011). Early adopters rejoice 🙂

click for total coverage of E7.

This info is coming directly from a Nokia Priority Partner from where i bought the Nokia N8.While quizzing him more i got to know that 12th March is supposedly the launch date for E7 ( *crosses fingers* ) hopefully ! And when asked about the price, he said it might be around 30 – 32,ooo Rs/- in Indian money.Pretty hefty price if you ask me.

He had a demo unit at hand and i was able to experience some hardware action. Extremely well crafted device, feels much better than the N8, Display is big and gorgeous, hardware qwerty was excellent. Software wise its almost the same as N8 , not much differentiation. Only striking difference between E7 and N8 was the display, and the hardware qwerty and design, not to forget the hinge action,which was very sturdy and greatly built.The snap was reaffirming.

Other phone prices you might be interested in :

Nokia C7Rs.17,950 /-

Nokia C6-01Rs.15,900/-

Nokia X2-01Rs.3,900 /-

All these rates are respective to Chennai Region.

Wireless input(Not BT) to Symbian devices through USB OTG ftw ?

Just now , after some browsing, came across this video that shows the Nokia E7 connecting to the Arc mouse , by Microsoft through the wireless dongle connected  via Micro USB port(taking advg of the OTG feature). Take a look :

While researching more about Arc mouse i found that it uses the common 2.4 ghz 30 ft wireless technology that was previously used in cordless phone and all current wireless ones except bluetooth keyboards and mouse.So i guess all the wireless keyboards and mice would work with OTG adapter, i don’t have one but i am going to give it a try at my friend’s place and let you know.. what the heck i may even buy one haha 😀

Nokia big screen [My Impressions]

Nokia Big screen is a beta app available on Nokia Beta Labs now available for all HDMI out supporting Symbian^3 devices like the Nokia N8 and the yet-to-be-released Nokia E7.

Nokia Big Screen

Before starting to blabber my thoughts, i will answer some FAQs

1. What does it do ?

A: After you install this app, whenever you plug the HDMI adapter to your phone, the app automatically starts. There are two faces for this app, one is on the HDTV and other is on the touch screen. The HDTV displays the media centre app in 720p while the touch screen turns into a directional remote. If you are not getting what i say, there is a clear video after the break to explain that.

2. Where can i get this app ?

A: You can get the app here and don’t forget, you should have a Nokia account to download this app.

3. What are the advantages ?

A: Your Symbian^3 device turns into a media centre, plays movies,music,slideshows in a fancy way. Movies display subtitles, Music shows lyrics if available, and of course the photo library can do a nice slideshow. And you can control everything wirelessly if you have a Wii controller or any other Bluetooth device that supports HID.So, the advantage you get is showing off your media to an audience while relaxing in your couch.

If you have any more questions don’t be shy to shoot it at me in the comments section 🙂

Head on after the break for my impressions and a video preview.


Symbian goes dual core and gets new UI in 2011

As promised, Nokia has now reaffirmed us through an international mobile internet conference in Beijing, that Symbian will evolve and get more user friendly.We have seen earlier how Nokia said Symbian updates would be made available to all the devices ( Symbian^3 and upward ). Have a look at the slide they presented :


Courtesy Mynokiablog

They have promised :

  • 50 new features in an update during January 2011(Includes new HTML 5 browser, split qwerty keyboard,reworked homescreen mechanics)
  • Dual core(1 Ghz) phones with extra Graphics memory( wondering what that extra’s gonna be )
  • True Zoom cameras ( optical zoom like N93 or the lossless digital zoom like on the N8 ? hmmm,a point to ponder )
  • Easier software updates ( will it include ovi app updates too ? ) and an updatable Browser.
  • Overall new Zippier UI based on Qt which might be unified with the likes of Meego ( *crosses fingers* )

And in lesser news, like i already reported, E7 is now officially being postponed to early 2011. Seriously Nokia ? Hasn’t the N8 taught you a lesson or two about announcement and shipping delays ?

Anyway,lets hope they have delayed it for the greater good.

Via Engadget, Mynokiablog

[Poll] Nokia N8 or E7 ??

Yes, i know pretty tough to answer myself.





Nokia E7 – Total Coverage

Its the E7,the celebrated one from the Nokia World 2010.

The Nokia E7


Some clarifications on E7 Specs

There is a misconception going on that the E7 doesnt have a front cam and a second mic for audio recording, Its totally false and i am here to prove it.