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How to ZAGG your iPod touch [Video]

One of the primary accessories that involves in protection is, the screen protector.People buying hugely expensive devices almost all the time, tend to immediately buy screen protection, to prevent scratches.With touchscreens, it has become really obvious.Fingerprints, scratches, grease and what not ?

Like every other product, we seek quality and trust here too, right ?┬áSo, here comes my suggestion, it’s the ZAGG invisible shield, it is available for a wide range of devices.

After buying the Invisible shield , everybody go through the process of sticking it on the screen. And most, arguably, lose the battle by somehow damaging the screen protector or may not stick it precisely.So, What i am going to do is, show you how it’s done . I am using my iPod touch 4G for this.Video demo after the break.


Stream media to PC from your Nokia Symbian^3 device through DLNA [How to]

Here is a tutorial i wrote on .

This deals with the configuration of Windows Media Player 12 to accommodate DLNA streaming from your Symbian^3 device. It’s very useful for people who want to share their media to their friends in an instant.

So, go ahead read the tutorial here . And enjoy DLNA streaming on your device.

ASUS refreshes the ROG lineup, gamers rejoice

A family of beasts

ASUS, has continued to invest heavily in gaming PCs and peripherals, and that has led to the formation of the Republic Of Gamers range, called ROG. It includes crazily specced motherboards , overclocked graphic cards and boom headsets. Recently , they have brought some fresh blood into this range and that includes three Z 68 motherboards that support the new SandyBridge range of processors, two new Nvidia GTX 580 based graphic cards and a boom gaming headset.

PR after the break


Windows 8 : Video overload

Microsoft showed off the Windows 8, the next generation of the operating system. A great step towards the touch centric interface has bought Microsoft laurels as well as some criticism in how it has tried to keep the legacy too in the mix. More on that in a separate post.

I now present to you, an overload of visual information on Windows 8. Various demos, some might be repititive, but they are all worthy enough. I just can’t stop looking at the gorgeous UI. First up, Microsoft’s own demo


Nokia “Play to [Beta]” enables DLNA sharing on Symbian^3 devices

Seems DLNA was always there , just needed the right software to get activated. Like the NFC on C7 with Anna.

The Play to app is made in Qt QML with a gorgeous UI and the functionality is no less awesome. What the app does is, automatically search and connect to DLNA compatible devices over WLAN and lets you stream/share your favorite music, videos and photos with your friends.

According to Nokia beta labs, what you need is

What you need

A network with WLAN access is needed as well as a DLNA capable playing device (e.g. TV, A/V amplifier, Blu-ray player or PS3 game console). All devices including mobile must be connected to the same network.

A video demo from Beta Labs :

Hit the break for more info and known issues in this beta app.

Source BetaLabs <— Download app from here