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Siri Coming Soon To iPhone 4

Enterprising hackers have successfully ported iPhone 4S exclusive Siri onto older iDevices, including the iPhone 4 and the iPod Touch. While Apple had claimed that these devices wouldn’t support Siri for hardware reasons, the hackers found that this wasn’t the case —  Siri ran at full speed on both devices, which have much slower processors than the new iPhone 4S.

The news comes a few days after they reported a previous success in porting Siri to the iPhone 4, but not being able to authenticate their Siri requests properly with Apple’s servers. With this hurdle cleared, the team now has a fully functioning copy of Siri working as intended, although on the iPod Touch it is necessary to speak loudly and clearly to compensate for the rather awful microphone.

The team that discovered the secret hasn’t revealed a release schedule for the exploit, although they insist it will be released eventually. They are first looking to see if the exploit affects the operating of the rest of the iPhone 4S; if they find it does not then they will post details of their exploit and/or the program itself to allow all jailbroken iPhone 4 users to use Siri.

The real danger towards releasing this information, of course, is that it gives Apple a much easier time of finding and plugging the hole that is being exploited. Expect this release to be the first step in a long cat-and-mouse journey between the hackers and Apple.

Still, it’s a great place to start and with luck we’ll see the real deal made available before too long. We’ll bring you that news as it happens, so stay tuned.

This article was written by William Judd. William writes for Mobile Fun, the UK’s leading online retailer of the Kindle cover, including the new Kindle cover and the Kindle cover with light.

“Let’s talk iPhone” event confirmed | October 4th is the date

Woot ! Apple finally reveals the launch date for the next version of the iPhone, it’s October 4th and the event’s name is “Let’s talk iPhone”. It’s going to happen in Apple’s cupertino campus “Infinite loop”.

This will be Apple’s new CEO Tim Cook’s first appearance on stage, to reveal a product. Will it get revealed with much fanfare and applauses like before, when Jobs was the showman ? Will the new CEO live up to Jobs’ name ?

The answer is simple : No, he can’t live up to Jobs’ name, but i am sure there will be a lot of applause if the device is stunning. According to analysts the iPhone that is going to be revealed on October 4th will be a faster version of the iPhone 4 with the exact same design with a better camera ( 8 megapixel ) and with Apple A5 dual core processor that is already present in Apple iPad 2.

Rumors are pointing towards a LTE demo too ? Will the new iPhone be like the iPhone 3G, which brought new radios along with various other enhancements ?

Let’s hope the event rocks as susal. Totally looking forward to what Tim cook is going to do on stage, All eyes on you Tim, do well !

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Apple iWork is now available for 3.5 inch screens

The productivity suite of Apple , called iWork , is now available on the iPhone and iPod touches that are running iOS 4 and above. This has been available for the iPad since it launched more than one and a half years ago. Probably Apple wanted iWork to be a differentiation factor for the iPad but seems it has not worked out. And to capitalize the huge app buying market, it has released it in iTunes for a hefty 10 $. It includes Keynote for presentations, Pages for word like functionality and the Numbers is an excel clone. Grab a copy and say “iWork on my iPhone” just for fun !

Via Engadget , download links : Keynote, Pages, Numbers

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Take long exposure photos on your iphone!![Video]

One clever, or rather magical app called Magic Shutter lets you take long exposure style shots on your iphone.


Magic shutter


No, its not actually long exposure shots like your average DSLR, but it uses a combination of both the still camera and the video camera on the iphone and cleverly creates blurry photos that you would normally get it like in long exposure shots. Also you can do great light paintings using this app.Well the only constraint is the resolution of the photos which is limited by 1280×720( due to the use of the video camera ). But definitely thats not gonna stop you from getting this app, does it ?

Download on the App store ( Costs $3 ) and updates to this app soon.

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Fring introduces DVQ

Calling it video call breakthrough, Fring today has announced a new feature in its awesome IM/video calling application, called DVQ.


Dynamic video quality


DVQ, is Dynamic video quality which adapts the audio/video quality according to the bandwidth available in your network. It intelligently varies the bitrate of the video and audio so that you don’t get any stuttering wherever you are. So, you get good video calling even if you are in your basement.

Grab it in the app store and for android.

Watch a video of an iphone developer demo’ing the DVQ :

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iOS 4.2 out now

iPad Multitasking and app folders

As i had already reported earlier,the iOS 4.2 GM had caused some wifi issues in iPads so it was delayed until today.But somehow Apple has rectified it soon and thus, 4.2 for all qualified iOS devices got launched today.

So, iPad owners get multitasking and app-folders, which has been already there for the iphone 4/3gs owners with iOS 4.

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Install Froyo on your iPhone without a computer

Want more openness on your jailbroken iPhone 2G/3G ? Get Froyo on it and now without the need of a PC to do that !

The bootlace 2.1 application does just that. It makes the installation of Froyo on the iphone painless.Look here for the complete installation instructions. Get it done and fling your iphone in front of 2.1 Phandroids .


How do American smartphone users see themselves? [Graphic]


So true!!

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Worms 2 : Armageddon arrives for iOS

Available now in itunes App store.

The Worms franchise is well known, as we have already reviewed the PC version of Worms:Reloaded here.

It was already there for the iphone too and now they have released the successor.

Check out our review for the kind of gameplay you get from the worms franchise.

Verizon 4G iphone coming end-2010

iphone Concept

Its been a long time since we started hearing about this rumor.Yes, it has sprouted again but its kind of official since the Wall street Journal is reporting on it.

WSJ reports that the Verizon iphone will be ready to be deployed in the end of this year which probably is coinciding with year end deployment efforts of the LTE infrastructure from Verizon which has promised 4G connectivity in 32 States.So, it may be really a dream come true for all you iphone lovers out there, getting 8-12 Mbps connectivity speed on your slick device.But it is to be seen that people from Apple have declined to comment.

And also the Verizon iphone will be similar to iphone 4, will it have the same antenna issues, then ?

WSJ has also reported that Apple is working on a new iphone that will be form-factor wise very different from its predecessors.That too it will probably be revealed in June 2011 as usual.

via WSJ