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[Review] Samsung Galaxy 3 : VFM Android smartphone of the year

The Samsung Galaxy 3(Codenamed i5801) , let me put it this way, A mid range monster that eats eclair for dinner. Think you can get it, right ?

Galaxy 3

Ok,stupid jokes aside,the Samsung Galaxy 3 is a Android 2.1 running smartphone that is available for a dirt cheap price. So, you get all the Android goodness that you have been longing for without burning a hole in your pockets, (yes, i am looking at you, HTC legend and HTC hero). With this phone,Samsung has gained entry into the mid-range section of the all important developing market, India.

Giving a complete Android experience at a mid-range level is quite hard, but Samsung has done this in a staggering way.By releasing major mid-end Galaxy branded phones called galaxy 3 and galaxy 5.Now , we are going to see about the Indian version of the Galaxy3, known in other countries as the Galaxy Apollo. You have to note that even other countries have the galaxy 3 with the same features of the galaxy Apollo but with a less glossy design.

In my review of the Galaxy 3, i will concentrate only on hardware since i have not experienced Android enough to write a review on its software…

Now onto the Review after the break.


BH-905i : A luxury on your head

BH-905i and some accessories

Merry Christmas everyone 🙂 This is a post about my final thoughts on the Nokia BH-905i.

Before you start reading this, just make sure you have read these :- BH-905i Unboxing , BH-905i First impressions , Active Noise cancellation feature.

Just a foreword, the BH-905i is a stereo Bluetooth headset from Nokia, in the top-end range. So, this is probably the costliest offering from Nokia in this department. But are they justifying the price ?

Read on to find it out.


Apple iPod Touch 4G Unboxing

Apple iPod touch 4th generation

Yes, i finally gave into the craving for iOS and got my long-delayed first iOS device, the ipod touch 4th gen. First lets see the key takeaways :

Ordered in ascending interests.

* Retina display ( 960X640 resolution with very high pixel density on a 3.5 inch display ) however it is TFT not IPS like iphone 4 , so viewing angles are bad.

* Apple iOS : Plethora of Apps,games and offers best browsing and in-app experiences. Does a little bit of saved state multi-tasking as well.

* Hardware : 1 Ghz Apple A4 SoC with 256 MB ram ( yes, not 512 like ip4 ) and Power VR SGX 535

* Looks : Very slim ( just 7.2 mm ) but very prone to finger prints on both front and the back. Stainless steel back is very much prone to scratches. Build quality is excellent but handling it can be really scary.So buying protection accessories like scratch guard and back cover is a must 😉

* Other good features include 720p recording and stills using back facing cam, front facing cam for facetime, Gyro for gaming.

So why i bought the ipod touch along with the N8 ? well ,that deserves a separate article , right ?

Read on for some photos and an unboxing video shot on my Nokia N8 using continuous autofocus mode 😉


Galaxy S reaches the 9.3 million mark

Samsung galaxy S, as we should know pretty well, is the most successful Android phone ever. So successful even google asked Samsung to make their next phone the Nexus S. Now Samsung reports it has sold about 9.3 million phones till now . This of course includes all the galaxy S models culminated, the captivate, vibrant, fascinate.. etc. But the sheer amount of this sold just says really how android is growing. And if you are wondering why Galaxy S has sold this much, here are the reasons why :

  • Super Amoled display
  • 1 Ghz Hummingbird SoC  with the world’s fastest GPU ( Power vr SGX 540 )
  • Updated with Froyo, offers great flash enabled browsing.
  • Better battery life than competitors

Well these are the points that come in my mind when thinking about the success of this phone. Add more in the comments on why you think this phone is successful!

Image courtesy : Engadget

Take long exposure photos on your iphone!![Video]

One clever, or rather magical app called Magic Shutter lets you take long exposure style shots on your iphone.


Magic shutter


No, its not actually long exposure shots like your average DSLR, but it uses a combination of both the still camera and the video camera on the iphone and cleverly creates blurry photos that you would normally get it like in long exposure shots. Also you can do great light paintings using this app.Well the only constraint is the resolution of the photos which is limited by 1280×720( due to the use of the video camera ). But definitely thats not gonna stop you from getting this app, does it ?

Download on the App store ( Costs $3 ) and updates to this app soon.

Video after the break.

Via Gizmodo


iAds producer : design ads for iOS Devices easily

If you are a developer and don’t have enough time to code for extra stuff like iAds , well Apple now have a solution for you. Its called the iAds producer.

The iAds producer

This is a tool that lets you easily create the iAds using templates. No need to dig into HTML5 and CSS3 stuff , but it includes options to edit them too. Also there is a powerful javascript editor built in, to provide power users more options. So, apple has made it easier for you to adopt its iAds model so that you may easily create free apps, and now faster thanks to the iAds producer.Its available for the Mac OS X, so get it now on the Apple website.

Via Engadget

Now Droid Incredible gets Gingerbread [Video]

It seems the people at Xda Developers have not slept since the launch of Google Android’s Gingerbread . After dishing out so many releases for certain phones.Its the turn of the verizon’s nexus one clone to get the Gingerbread port. Apparently, like others this too is a work in progress, but it is already very fascinating to see how responsive it works and almost 95 % complete. Only some nagging issues like GPS and Video recording don’t work as of now but the rest of the phone just works and kudos to the Xda devs for that, especially that they can bring a flavor to any phone before Htc,samsung or Verizon does.

Via Engadget Source xda-developers

Video after the break.


Samsung concept camera makes for easier sharing, but how ?

Oh, how many times i have searched for my USB cable to connect the Digital camera to my PC to initiate the process of sharing my pics to the world. As always, i store my stuff locally on the hard disk and then share it on the web through various methods and also if people want a local copy they can always plug in their thumb drive and then just drag and drop. I always used to distribute my stuff locally thru thumb drives and external disks. Somehow Samsung has a likening to this concept and made a concept camera out of it. Have a look :

UCIM concept camera from Samsung

This concept, designed by Jung Eun Park from Samsung ,has three thumb drives in-built(see those three blue strips?) so take a photo, 3 copies are made and stored on the thumb drives. Give it to your friends to copy and wait for them to return it back. There is also a USB port to connect the camera directly to a USB host like a PC or even the Nokia N8.This allows an easier, cheaper and instant sharing of your photos with friends. But it is no match to the mature wireless mobile phone sharing capabilities, still, something is better than nothing, agree ?

Via Gizmodo

Galaxy S gets gingerbread

As predicted in this article, the galaxy S now struts its stuff with a speedy new gingerbread version, a direct port from Nexus S. We all know why , don’t we ? And it is the XDA devs who have done it again. Still there are non-operational stuff like calls,GPS,Wifi. But it will wound up fine in a few days. Supercurio , part of the XDA dev community has brought us these two videos as a proof of concept for Gingerbread running on Galaxy S. The first one demonstrates the cool CRT style switch off animation.Take a look :

Second video is much detailed, and it is after the break.

Via Engadget


Rockstar demonstrates Motionscan : the future of facial Capture in games

Facial capture at its best

Rockstar games have always been famous for developing expansive environments, buildings and great 3D graphics in their Grand theft auto series. Even in other games, 3D graphics was always taken up a notch, like, Crysis and Assassin’s creed are stellar examples. But facial capture for expressing emotions is always a dud when it comes to immersive story driven games ( take the Mafia series for example ). But an amazing company called Depth Analysis based in Australia have developed a facial capture technology called MotionScan. It captures the entire head , even the hairstyle and replicates the face in a 3D mesh in high resolution. This is Facial capture’s future.
Rockstar is using this technology in it’s upcoming game called L.A.Noire(releasing for Xbox360 and PS3) which is set in the 1950s based on a detective genre. Rockstar aims to use it extensively to let gamers get the facial expressions and find out if they are lying or not( since you are a detective in the game ). Hard to believe how it ll work ? Have a look at the stunning video after the break.

Via Engadget