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A cool demo of NFC and QML in Nokia C7

Alright, i should clear this first, the Nokia C7 was launched before the Nexus S. Nokia, as usual screwed up their matketing by not telling the world that they have put an NFC chip in the C7, while google showed off in the Nexus S pretty happily . Anyway, in the Mobile world congress, a third party application dev company called Digia had the pleasure of showing us what the NFC chip in C7 can do, and it is pretty slick thanks to the Qt Quick UI of the App. Have a look at the video :

It’s pretty cool right ? Seems very promising for a shopaholic . Enhances the shopping experience very nicely that includes sharing, ratings, touch to get details, getting advice from friends, seeing reviews for that product and what not ? Sounds like a web 2.0 type intelligent app. And aptly named ShopWizer too , you know , Shop wiser 😉 Should come out soon for select markets after Nokia gives C7 the green flag for NFC in a new firmware.

Via QtStudios

New browser gets demoed on the N8

via Alex68 from mynokiablog

The above video has been removed by Nokia due to copyright violations.Anyway my thoughts blow :

The new Qt based browser that is still in development stage includes some UI changes:

* address bar at the top

* Text entry without going into separate keypad.

Still not able to perceive any performance increase, but we cannot judge an *under development* browser.

And also, did you notice a small change in the homescreen ? It does not wait for you to finish your swipe.

SDK and simulator now available for Playbook

Research in motion has announced the SDK and the Playbook simulator for their new to-be-released Tablet Playbook.


As you know already, i had reported that the Playbook comes with Qt.

So, now RIM announced the SDK for Adobe AIR platform, which was recently updated to support all the mobile-related API stuff.Adobe AIR platform, as you might know is already supported in Android.It would be very interesting to see how the playbook manages to run the Air apps, but be sure of one thing, lots of twitter clients are/will be available for the Playbook soon. Tweetdeck, anyone ? And with the simulator, we can actually see in real-time, what our Apps would like on the Playbook.

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Nokia posts Q3 results | Big Qt/Symbian announcements made

Share prices increase by 6.8%

After the chief of symbian ranaway due to peronal reasons yesterday,Today is a day of reckoning for Nokia. They posted their Q3 results . And they beat expectations by posting operating profits of 529 million euros.And as a consequence share prices increased by 6.8%.

Here is the link for the full report.


RIM announces the Playbook Tablet[Comes with Qt]


The Canadian Business smartphone behemoth, Research in Motion, the maker of the Blackberry devices ha s announced a direct competition to the apple ipad, as you know has created and widely opened a new premium market for internet tablets. Now, the Blackberry makers have successfully carved up a tablet for this niche market. Its called the Playbook.