New Devices launched!!!

First things first:

I didn’t goto the Nokia world ,nor see the live keynote or handle the devices. i am just here to share the enjoyment of the many Nokia bloggers who have gone there and given some very great insights into the event.

Nokia , the numero Uno mobile phones manufacturer in the world has launched three new smartphones based on the latest edition on the most used smartphone OS – Symbian^3.

First announced is the already leaked Nokia C7

The Nokia C7(Total coverage here) as we already know features almost the same specs as its elder brother the Nokia N8 except for the camera which is 8MP , the HDMI out is not present and of course the overall design.

The C7 is astonishingly only 10.5 mm thick. Thats a pretty thin phone if you ask me, the HTC HD2 was 11mm.One other thing Nokia introduced today along with c7 was the Clear Black Display(CBD) technology which , according to Nokia is the Amoled screen with a polarised glass which shows black as a pitch dark black and so it improves readability outdoors, much like the super amoled i would say.I will cover more of this technology when it unfolds in the future.Apparently all the three phones released today has this technology, i am wondering why its not on the n8, but is it? Awaiting clarification on that.Ok,lets move on to the next one.

Sadly all the devices that were released today leaked one way or the other, The Nokia C6-01(confusing name conventions gratis @Nokia) a distant cousin of N8 and the Son of the original C6 without the QWERTY Keyboard, was launched today .

The new C6(Total coverage here )has a smaller screen(3.2 inches),slightly bigger(13.4mm) and doesn’t feature HDMI out, but rest of the features are same as the N8,C7.

Now, this one is the biggest launch of all.Even this was leaked but we hadn’t known its name and thought it to be the N9.Its the Nokia E7(Total Coverage here)!!!

This,according to Nokia is the successor to the famed communicator series of mobiles.Since they have a huge fan following,the legacy might continue.The E7 is almost an N8 with a QWERTY keyboard(Huge thumbs up for 4 Row).The E7 is the business flagship for Nokia,period.Again it has nearly the same features as the N8 with a lesser 8MP camera but has 720p capture and a huge display(4 inches)It is also slightly bigger than the N8.Other notable achievements are the Office integration(make/edit PPTs on the move),mail for exchange,Office communicator.So, you have all the necessary tools for a business phone.Definitely a phone to watch out for.

So, whats common in all the three phones? :

1.Same processor and GPU and of course the OS

2.8MP camera with 720p video capture

3.Clear back display Amoled capacitive display technology(Nokia’s super amoled?)

4.USB on-the-go.

5.And many other features common to the requirements of the Symbian^3 OS(Media wall,3D games,..etc)

The prices(before subsidies and taxes) respectively are:

E7- 495 EUR

C7- 335 EUR

C6- 260 EUR

If you can notice, the Nokia c6-01 has the best bang for the buck. It will surely sell bucket-loads when it launches.But i surely like the E7 , its the best thing they have announced today that can quench some geeks who are disappointed of no meego devices being announced at the event.

So, these are the new phones unveiled at the Nokia World 2010.The strategy is very clear, Nokia wanted to push the symbian^3 phones to various kinds of customers with different likings,and they have done exactly that.Hats off to them for doing a great job in releasing these awesome phones . Expect these phones to launch anytime before the end of Q4.

Update : Fonearena has reported that the C7 may go on sale in INDIA at the end of october.


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