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N8 has Ti SoC?

well according to the article by reuters, which i dont think is explained , says that N8 supposedly features a Texas instruments and a broadcom processor.But since we already came to know that the GPU in N8 is Broadcom BMC2727, and also the arm11 processor , maybe it is manufactured by Ti?

Or any SoC in N8 thats from Ti?

if you get any news on it please tweet me @bharadc23.

New N8 preview hands on from KL

Thanks to soyacincautv from youtube for providing this video.

This is one of the many videos from, please do check out their other videos.

Nokia N8 is now available for BOOKING in India

Yesterday,  shocking encounters with two different nokia priority dealers(NPD) happened.

1. The NPD at arya gowda road west mambalam was preparing the marketing for N8. when i went in and asked for the demo , they said its not available yet but the booking has started.The booking price was part of the phone and it was 3000 rs. and i asked when the phone was releasing and ASTONISHINGLY he said september 14th or 15th . i was so surprised cos it coincided with the nokia world!! Then i asked what the price would be, he said “maximum 24,000 rs”. He said maximum before sept. 19th he would deliver the phone and for booking customers, it would be delivered on day 1 with a special function he said.

2. Now onto the second one, it is the NPD at the new express mall in chennai. even here, booking had started with a booking price of 2000 rs.when i enquired whether demo has come ,he said it would definitely come in two days but the dummy was available in all colours. I asked whether all the colours would be available at launch, but he was doubtful. i really liked the blue colour dummy and it felt great in my hand and in my pocket. when i asked him when it would launch, he said “sept. 23rd 100%” i was like what??!! two different dealers, two dates. and when asked about the price he said that it will be between 25k to 28k, again what??!! He also added that first 100 booking customers will receive a free gift.

So, here’s my inference :

1. Booking for N8 here atleast in chennai has definitely started.

2.The NPDs themselves are not sure on the price and the launch date.

3.The booking price is not extra, it is part of the phone price.

4. Demo will be soon available but mostly only in silver colour.

here are some shots of the dummy blue N8 that i took at NPD, EA mall.