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Nokia N8 vs. Canon IXUS 130

Via This OVI album, i came to find an interesting comparison of a mobile phone camera(N8) and a Digital camera(Canon IXUS 130).

N8 vs Canon IXUS 130

We know that the N8 has the biggest sensor ever in a mobile phone ( 1/1.83″) and it is said to rival most point and shoots, but can it really replace the point and shoot?

The corresponding specs are :

N8 – 12 MP with 1/1.83″ sensor

Canon IXUS 130 – 14 megapixel with 1/2.3″ sensor.

Obviously, here the sensor in N8 is slightly bigger than the Canon point n shoot, lets see how they fare in the pictures after the break.


BSNL 3G unlimited prices slashed!!

Yes!! i have been waiting for it to come down since the spectrum distribution for other players happened.


Till now, BSNL, a government-owned telecom giant had been enjoying 3G monopoly and so, the prices were sky high.As a mobile enthusiast, i tried it and it was a good experience, but the maximum speed when it launched was 2 Mbps. and the unlimited plan costed Rs. 2499.

Now, the prices have been slashed for the Unlimited Internet connection over 3G and the maximum speed is now 7.2 Mbps, which is the best value for money considering you will get atleast minimum 2 Mbps on the move and minimum 4 Mbps at a stationary point. And you can tether your device(assuming its a 3g 7.2 mbps capable phone)to your pc or laptop and enjoy the great speed, moreover you can watch youtube without buffering, hehe 🙂

The price is now Rs.1359 per month, imho it is very cheap for its speed.

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via TelecomTalk


GarageBand or Pro tools on iphone??!!

Pocket GarageBand

Apple seems to be adding core midi functionality to the ios 4.2 that is going to be available soon, which means that we can connect midi interfaces through the iphone dock port, awesome!! so, what does it mean, pocketgarageband is possible now? maybe even pocket pro tools.

we all know apple is very famous for apps like this and if they are coming to the iphone, thats a huge step forward in on-the-go music production. after having seen A.R.Rahman compose on-the-go using ipad, am seriously stunned by the musical versatility of the iOS and the Mac and apple itself, personally, i would like to see them on the iphone and would like to really try on it.

via Zomgitscj

2D 3D Horizon UI for Maps [TAT KASTOR]

The Astonishing Tribe, very well known as TAT are famous for their concept UIs and are actually responsible for the UI on Android, which is awesome in my opinion.They have demoed their New 3D 2D horizon concept on maps and lists for google Nexus One.It is done using their cascades UI technology which uses the GPU to handle the UIs.


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Fring takes on Skype



Fring, a leading app for making VOIP calls and chat conversations was in the news recently for the removal of skype support in the application, for which Fring was actually famous for. Skype seemed to have a problem with fring’s own VOIP service, so it withdrew service and released its own app in all the platforms.So, now Fring has come out as a direct competitor to skype by bringing a service called FRING OUT featuring 1 cent per minute call to all mobiles and landlines worldwide, now aint that interesting? Initially available only for Symbian, eventually would get onto iOS and Android. 

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via Engadget, Fring


Windows Phone 7 [Another LEAK]

Well, another Windows phone 7 leak and its directly from Microsoft(you can see two windows phone 7 developer t-shirts in the back in the video)

I guess its the Samsung Cetus , already leaked by mr.blurrycam on Engadget .

Windows phone 7

The video shows the awesome UI , the Metro UI of the Windows phone 7 and as we can see its very fluid.The biggest feature of this video is the home automation done using the Windows Phone 7,the phone can be used to open the garage doors, oh how useful can it be? just park outside the garage,connect to your in-home wifi, open the garage!! no need to get down,open and then close it again.Its just innovation that will help you, and thats windows phone 7.

And coming to the hardware, i guess it features a 4 inch AMOLED screen , looks amazing, right?

Well, about the UI, i have to say, it looks gorgeous… Microsoft is gonna be full-guns blazing when they are ready to launch the devices.

Video, after the break.