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Pama Plug n Go Power Portable Charger – The best travel mate for your phone [Review]

Since i started using smartphones ( my first being the Nokia 5320 ), i have always faced one big problem while traveling long distances, the battery drains too soon. It can be attributed to various factors like constant hunting for signals, continuous music playback .. etc.

I travel mostly by train here, in India. The travel usually lasts more than 10 hours, so my companion, when bored, is music,games and movies. Till now, i have always depleted a full charge in my phone while on travel. I was preparing for another journey and this time i had an iPod for company along with my phone. So, i was looking for a complete solution and MobileFun had this :

This is the Pama Plug n Go Power portable charger.

What is this exactly ?

To put it simply, this is a portable battery that can charge devices. You can correlate this to the UPS of desktop PCs, but portable. If you can’t comprehend what BS i am blabbering, read on ! 😉


Windows Phone market explosion in 2012 ? [Thoughts]

Chinese Fireworks

Recently, after Microsoft unveiled the “Mango” update, which was arguably, a software update, it released a teeny tiny interesting bit of news on the hardware side too. Am talking about the three new OEMs joining Microsoft’s party. They are Acer,Fujitsu, and behold .. ZTE, the fourth largest mobile phones manufacturer in the world !

Yes , once , and still ,majorly an infrastructure manufacturer ( like GSM equipment, routers etc. ), ZTE has joined the Windows phone ecosystem. They are already in the Android ecosystem for some years now and boy, did they make a killing ! Almost all Android phones launched by Indian pseudo-manufacturers were licensed from ZTE, like the overtly famous Micromax Andro based on the ZTE Penguin and the Dell XCD35 which was wildly popular in the U.K by the name of “Orange San Francisco” is nothing but a ZTE Blade. Impressive, no ?


[Review] Samsung Galaxy 3 : VFM Android smartphone of the year

The Samsung Galaxy 3(Codenamed i5801) , let me put it this way, A mid range monster that eats eclair for dinner. Think you can get it, right ?

Galaxy 3

Ok,stupid jokes aside,the Samsung Galaxy 3 is a Android 2.1 running smartphone that is available for a dirt cheap price. So, you get all the Android goodness that you have been longing for without burning a hole in your pockets, (yes, i am looking at you, HTC legend and HTC hero). With this phone,Samsung has gained entry into the mid-range section of the all important developing market, India.

Giving a complete Android experience at a mid-range level is quite hard, but Samsung has done this in a staggering way.By releasing major mid-end Galaxy branded phones called galaxy 3 and galaxy 5.Now , we are going to see about the Indian version of the Galaxy3, known in other countries as the Galaxy Apollo. You have to note that even other countries have the galaxy 3 with the same features of the galaxy Apollo but with a less glossy design.

In my review of the Galaxy 3, i will concentrate only on hardware since i have not experienced Android enough to write a review on its software…

Now onto the Review after the break.


Celebrating the 100th post

This is the 100th post of Gadgetbuff and i decided to celebrate it in a unique way.

I decided to upgrade to a domain name   🙂

From now on is .

And a mail account is also active. Submit all your tips to

Now sharing becomes easy 🙂

A Gadgetbuff’s wet dream

How does it feel like when you are in a sea of gadgets ? Amazing right ? or more like, leg-en – wait for it – dary 🙂

So, there i was in a gadget freak’s home, name i was asked not to disclose.

After having been a gadget buff for a long time, he started acquiring devices and being an ace at that, acquired some really good devices.

The devices i played with at his home :


Ipad 😀


N900 😀


iphone 2G
HTC tattoo Android
E5 and E72
I prefer linux on top 😛
A Delightful Sandwich 😛



And , thats it, drool on for a while and be jealous 😛

Initial impressions of all those devices coming soon…

Stay tuned.