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Play Mario bros. using Kinect on a PC [Video]

The guy who emulated a light sabre using the Kinect Pc hack( which has been doing the rounds lately at a much faster innovation rate ), has now used the Kinect as a controller for playing the Super mario bros on a PC.

Check out this video :

Well, that’s a bit exhausting i would say. would be off better using any physical controller for Mario. But the potential of the Kinect hack is very promising and seems to have unlimited potential.

So, buying a kinect just for enjoying the hacks ? i sure am.

Active Noise Cancellation – BH-905i [Feature]

If you are not aware of the BH-905i, check my Unboxing gallery and my First impressions post.


The Nokia Bh-905i that i have been playing with for a while, has a very interesting feature, which is the USP of this device imho.Its called Active Noise cancellation (shortened as ANC).I am going to discuss this feature in detail after the break.


Angry Birds Christmas edition [Preview]

Angry Birds are back, and back with a snow ball to demolish those pig safe havens.

Christmas Edition

Christmas edition


Yes, i am talking about the Christmas edition and Rovio mobile is planning to launch it soon and may co-incide with the Angry Birds day, to be celebrated on December 11th. Now, one Finnish site called Ylex has got the World exclusive  screen shots of the upcoming edition , have a look at it after the break.

Source (in finnish)


Nokia X7-00 gets leaked !!

@arun8gb from twitter ,and of NokiaSaga brings us this awesome breaking News :

The Video has been made Private, sorry folks.

And specs pouring in, says it has four speakers for xtra LOUD audio output and probably features the same specs as E7(same 4″ screen and running Symbian^3) and also a 8 mp camera with Dual LED flash , dont know if it has autofocus. Let’s see how this Xpressmusic is gonna perform.

I feel the design is too glossy but striking enough to woo a college goer , the target audience for this device.

More pics after the break( via slashgear )


New Bada phones from Samsung arrives in India

Samsung Mobiles India has launched three new Bada OS running phones, they are part of the Wave series of phones.

They have launched three namely Wave 525 ( wave 2 ) , wave 533 (wave 2 pro) and wave 723 .

Read on to find more details.


Opera 10.1 for Symbian final version arrives

Moving out of development and stripping its beta tag, Opera has managed to push out the final version for symbian.

Opera Mobile 10.1

Opera Mobile has been long enough in beta as the only better native alternative to the in-built webkit browser and finally all the bugs have been removed and it steps out as a final version.

What improvements you ask ? here are those :

1. Better Java script performance due to a new Java script engine , which is used in the desktop Opera browser.Opera claims it is 9X faster than version 10.0.

2. Geolocation tags allow location aware content for your browser.

And the things you already get like Tabbed browsing, portrait qwerty inbuilt,Opera link,Opera turbo for compression of webpages .

You can download it right away at

Via FoneArena

Angry Birds peace talk Video | Chennai Angry birds day meetup | Christmas Edition soon

Christmas edition arriving soon

Watch this hilarious video :

Read on for more fun stuff :


How to change font in any Symbian^3 device [Updated with Qt 4.7.2 and Nokia Pure]

Update : Qt 4.7.2 has solved the font break in Qt apps. Now you can use whatever font you want . Get Qt 4.7.2 here : Qt 4.7.2 , Qt webkit , Qt mobility 1.1

Install all the three Qt binaries and you are all set to change fonts.

Proof that Qt apps dont break :

Lets get on with the tutorial then :

Here’s what you should do :

1. Make sure you have a memory card in your Symbian^3 device , you cannot change fonts using the Mass memory. ( Update : Mass memory works too ! )

2. Then get any True type font with .ttf as extension (if you want Nokia Pure, click here  <— This file contains all the renamed fonts like the ones given below) .

3. Now navigate to the Resource folder in memory card’s Root ( for example if M: is memory card , navigate to M:/Resource , if its not there, create one)

4.Now create a Folder called Fonts in M:/Resource ( So the folder path should be M:/Resource/Fonts )

5.Now this is the most important step :

Make four copies of the font you have and rename the same font to the corresponding filenames. ( for example: if you have helvetica(01).ttf rename it to nosnr60.ttf , like wise rename others to respective filenames given below )





6. After you have renamed to the above filenames, Copy them to the Fonts folder In M:/Resource/Fonts.

Now reboot the phone and enjoy your new fonts 🙂

I have used the Helvetica Neue font and it looks like this :

Helvetica Neue Font

Hint : If you want the original fonts back, just erase the Fonts folder and reboot the phone.

Please share this if you like it .

Via Deryl at iPmart forum

iOS 4.2 out now

iPad Multitasking and app folders

As i had already reported earlier,the iOS 4.2 GM had caused some wifi issues in iPads so it was delayed until today.But somehow Apple has rectified it soon and thus, 4.2 for all qualified iOS devices got launched today.

So, iPad owners get multitasking and app-folders, which has been already there for the iphone 4/3gs owners with iOS 4.

Check out the PR after the break.

Via Engadget


New Devices launched : C2-01 , X2-01

Nokia,today launched two new entrants into the low-end feature phone market. Following the weird naming scheme, they named it C2-01 and X2-01.Both are S40 feature phones and they majorly appeal to the non-smartphone buyer who is budget conscious.These kind of phones usually sell well in developing nations like India/Indonesia/Phillipines.

Read on for videos and features.