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More details about the Xoom 2 get leaked

Yesterday we got to know about the Xoom 2 through some pics and vague info regarding the specs. But more specs are now surfacing thanks to the folks at the verge.

The supposed leak includes specs such as :

  • An unspecified Dual core processor
  • 1 GB of faster RAM – does it mean ddr2 ? like in Atrix ?
  • 1080p Video recording with Netflix streaming (does this suggest OMAP4 ?)
  •  Stylus and optional keyboard accessory planned

Other details include Adobe flash player 11 support (Supposedly the first tablet to feature this), Home automation software to be included (IR support in hardware ? ) and some built in moto apps for wirelessly syncing with your PC. Let’s just hope all these rumors are true.

Source The Verge

Samsung’s first Windows 8 tablet leaks just before BUILD

According to a weibo user by the name of Michelle Hu, the above image is of the first Windows 8 tablet made by Samsung, that is to be distributed to devs at BUILD conference that’s starting in 3-4 hours. This looks strikingly similar to the series 7 slate tablet Samsung launched recently. In fact, they said the same slate will get upgraded to Windows 8, according to the verge.

This tablet supposedly runs an ultra low power version of an intel quad core CPU, most probably the core i5.But the jury is still out on this, it may run ARM based Nvidia Kal-El too. We’ll know for sure, soon.

Source Mobiletechworld via TIMN

HTC Omega already up for sale at an auction site

This is fast, i reported few days back that the HTC Omega has broken cover in the form of press shots. Expected that it would be revealed at the September 1st windows phone event, but it has already gone on sale from an individual at a french auction site. I really like the looks of this phone which resembles a mini flyer tablet.

Here is a pic for proof :

The phone runs the official version of Mango and the specs rumored as of now are :

3.8 inch Display, a 8 megapixel camera, 1.5 GHz MSM8255 Snapdragon with 512 MB RAM.

Also, the front facing camera is a possibility.

via WMPU / monwindowsphone — check for more pics


Samsung has spilled the beans : confirms the Nexus Prime

Oh, here we go. The next version of the *flagship* pure Google phone has been rumored as manufactured by Samsung, but never had any concrete proof. Well, talking about proof, see this image below.

The above email you see is a cease and desist letter sent to a developer to stop using the “Nexus Prime” firmware. Yup, the Nexus Prime is made by Samsung, you can now shut down the LG/HTC rumors and start guessing whether if it will be a SGS2 clone like the Nexus was a NFC clone of the galaxy S.

I guess the Samsung legal time will have a hard time explaining this to their bosses.

Source Geek

HTC Omega/Radar [WP7 Mango] breaks cover, looks like a small Flyer

The first impressions after looking at this below leaked photo from Pocketnow (the leakmeisters), i was reminded of the flyer design and hey Windows Phone Mango !?

Made in a gorgeous silver-white body, this HTC phone had already done it’s rumor rounds when they announced the September 1 event.

The rumored specs are : 3.8 inch Display, a 8 megapixel camera, 1.5 GHz MSM8255 Snapdragon with 512 MB RAM. Is that a Front Facing Cam in that picture ?

The 1.5 GHz bit is to be taken with a pinch of salt, otherwise the specs look ok. Another higher end HTC WPMango in the name of Eternity is set to launch along with Omega at the September 1 event. Ok, Pocketnow where is the Eternity , out with it already ! Jokes aside, we dont have to wait too long as the event is not so far away.

Source Pocketnow

Droid X2 to be dual core ? Video says so !

Someone named AndroidBandit has uploaded a video that supposedly shows Droid X2 booting up and the juicy stuff is, the boot screen says it’s dual core !

Motorola mobility has already doled out two dual core devices namely the Atrix 4g and the Xoom, so this doesn’t come as a surprise. And definitely , this must run the same Tegra 2 chip that is present in the latter two devices. The guy in this video apparently has a proto, so it kind of lags, but please, don’t start shouting “lagdroid obviously lags” 😉

the stuff:


Windows Phone 7 [Another LEAK]

Well, another Windows phone 7 leak and its directly from Microsoft(you can see two windows phone 7 developer t-shirts in the back in the video)

I guess its the Samsung Cetus , already leaked by mr.blurrycam on Engadget .

Windows phone 7

The video shows the awesome UI , the Metro UI of the Windows phone 7 and as we can see its very fluid.The biggest feature of this video is the home automation done using the Windows Phone 7,the phone can be used to open the garage doors, oh how useful can it be? just park outside the garage,connect to your in-home wifi, open the garage!! no need to get down,open and then close it again.Its just innovation that will help you, and thats windows phone 7.

And coming to the hardware, i guess it features a 4 inch AMOLED screen , looks amazing, right?

Well, about the UI, i have to say, it looks gorgeous… Microsoft is gonna be full-guns blazing when they are ready to launch the devices.

Video, after the break.