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Configure push mail using Exchange ActiveSync on your Symbian^3 device [How to]

Mail has always been criticized on all the Symbian devices, except of course the E-series devices which always used to have great push support through Nokia messaging.

For the first time ever, after starting to use unlimited data connection on my phone, i decided to start using push mail for my commonly used Gmail account but couldn’t figure out how. So, the upcoming illustration will help you configure Exchange active sync on your Symbian 3 device for Google mail, likewise you can add your corporate mail too.

Read on.


How to ZAGG your iPod touch [Video]

One of the primary accessories that involves in protection is, the screen protector.People buying hugely expensive devices almost all the time, tend to immediately buy screen protection, to prevent scratches.With touchscreens, it has become really obvious.Fingerprints, scratches, grease and what not ?

Like every other product, we seek quality and trust here too, right ? So, here comes my suggestion, it’s the ZAGG invisible shield, it is available for a wide range of devices.

After buying the Invisible shield , everybody go through the process of sticking it on the screen. And most, arguably, lose the battle by somehow damaging the screen protector or may not stick it precisely.So, What i am going to do is, show you how it’s done . I am using my iPod touch 4G for this.Video demo after the break.


Stream media to PC from your Nokia Symbian^3 device through DLNA [How to]

Here is a tutorial i wrote on .

This deals with the configuration of Windows Media Player 12 to accommodate DLNA streaming from your Symbian^3 device. It’s very useful for people who want to share their media to their friends in an instant.

So, go ahead read the tutorial here . And enjoy DLNA streaming on your device.

Play Back-up Games on your PS3 [How to]

Hi fellas,i am Pramod and i am a complete GameBuff.Now say hi 🙂

Here is an easy-to-understand tutorial for jailbreaking your ps3 and run backed-up games onto your PS3.

First, you need to understand some basics of hacking.
The ps3 runs a firmware(FW) which might have version numbers like 3.15, 3.41, 3.42, 3.50 and so on, each having their respective security updates. So to hack your ps3, you should mandatorily have the 3.41 FW. (Just recently the 3.50 spoof has been released to support some of the latest games like assassin’s creed brotherhood and Black ops- but in essence they’re still the 3.41 FW SPOOFING the 3.50 FW). So even if you have the 3.50 FW in your ps3, pls make sure you downgrade to 3.41. As of now, i’m not giving the tutorial on downgrading, which is a process unto itself, but i will give the basic tutorial to run your own back-up games on your ps3(assumption – 3.41FW).

Read on to find out detailed steps.


How to change font in any Symbian^3 device [Updated with Qt 4.7.2 and Nokia Pure]

Update : Qt 4.7.2 has solved the font break in Qt apps. Now you can use whatever font you want . Get Qt 4.7.2 here : Qt 4.7.2 , Qt webkit , Qt mobility 1.1

Install all the three Qt binaries and you are all set to change fonts.

Proof that Qt apps dont break :

Lets get on with the tutorial then :

Here’s what you should do :

1. Make sure you have a memory card in your Symbian^3 device , you cannot change fonts using the Mass memory. ( Update : Mass memory works too ! )

2. Then get any True type font with .ttf as extension (if you want Nokia Pure, click here  <— This file contains all the renamed fonts like the ones given below) .

3. Now navigate to the Resource folder in memory card’s Root ( for example if M: is memory card , navigate to M:/Resource , if its not there, create one)

4.Now create a Folder called Fonts in M:/Resource ( So the folder path should be M:/Resource/Fonts )

5.Now this is the most important step :

Make four copies of the font you have and rename the same font to the corresponding filenames. ( for example: if you have helvetica(01).ttf rename it to nosnr60.ttf , like wise rename others to respective filenames given below )





6. After you have renamed to the above filenames, Copy them to the Fonts folder In M:/Resource/Fonts.

Now reboot the phone and enjoy your new fonts 🙂

I have used the Helvetica Neue font and it looks like this :

Helvetica Neue Font

Hint : If you want the original fonts back, just erase the Fonts folder and reboot the phone.

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Via Deryl at iPmart forum