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iPad 2 launched | Jobs is back


2... iPad 2...


The iPad 2 was launched today amidst all the rumors and hype that naturally surrounds any Apple product.

Key takeaways from the launch :

  • 33% Slimmer iPad with cameras(same as iPod 4) and comes in two monochromatic colors (but u can buy colorful smartcovers).
  • iOS 4.3 launched with cool apps like GarageBand and iMovie that capitalize on the big screen real estate and the new hardware.
  • Talking of new hardware,iPad 2 has Apple A5 ( dual core with 3x processing and 9x graphics performance over A4 )
  • Same prices as earlier iPad
  • Has HDMI mirroring support through adapter ( 39 $ )
  • 10 hours of battery life just like the original iPad

Overall the iPad 2 is a huge iPod touch 4 with A5.

And the other exciting news, good old Steve Jobs is back and is looking in good condition. Rumors have been squashed then ­čÖé Here’s a re-assuring snap from Engadget

More Apple iPad 2 specs here , Launches on March 11 in major markets and 25th in other markets.

If you think i missed any key takeaways, let me know in the comments section below.

iOS 4.2 out now

iPad Multitasking and app folders

As i had already reported earlier,the iOS 4.2 GM had caused some wifi issues in iPads so it was delayed until today.But somehow Apple has rectified it soon and thus, 4.2 for all qualified iOS devices got launched today.

So, iPad owners get multitasking and app-folders, which has been already there for the iphone 4/3gs owners with iOS 4.

Check out the PR after the break.

Via Engadget


Awesome Djay app for the awesome DJs[VIDEO]

Are you a DJ ? have an iPad ? Installed the iOS 4.2 GM edition from any developer friend or waiting for it arrive ? Then this app is for you :

Its the┬ádefinitive DJ app for you, using multitouch┬áas the main input along with complete ease of use and the awesome scratching/looping experience.All is now possible with iOS 4.2’s upcoming full MIDI support and other music related enhancements.

You can do beat matching,simultaneous two track playback,EQ settings, all music right from your itunes library.

So, Djs ? will it replace your denons ?

Via Gizmodo

Playbook’s browser vs. iPad’s Safari [VIDEO]

The Blackberry Playbook is in the news again and how !!

Playbook’s browser takes the Apple iPad’s safari head-on in this video, lets see who the winner is :

Well,can you see that ? the playbook actually blows the ipad out of the water in this test. The playbook continues to impress me since the announcement.2011 looks good for Blackberry since i am now sure that playbook is poised to become a success.

Read more about the playbook here , and about the SDK here.

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iOS 4.2 apparently delayed due to iPad’s wifi issues

As we have already seen, the iOS 4.2 GM seed to developers was available, but not yet for the consumers.

iPad woes

And the culprit seems to be a bug in the iPad’s wifi that connects to the WiFI but doesnt really use it. Bummer! for all you apple fans waiting for this coveted update , huh ?

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Quake 3 full version on iPad

So, guys with jailbroken iPads, want some fps awesomness ?

Quake 3 , the most played multiplayer game on any platform, has now been released as a jailbreak – app for iPad. Point to note is its been already there for iphone/ipod touch for sometime but they didn’t release the game on the iPad till now.But however the game is available only as a jailbreak-App

What’s great is that the iPad manages to render the game very well even with very high-res textures.

via Redmond pie

They have got some instructions and info, read on :


iOS 4.2 GM for developers is out

As you can see, the multitasking iOS for the ipad is now finally available !! But only for developers now. It is also made available for the iphone and the ipod touch.

So ? have any iOS app developer friends ? ask them to hit this link and enjoy the latest version for your much loved apple devices.

And, if you find any changes, tell me in the comments section below.

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RIM announces the Playbook Tablet[Comes with Qt]


The Canadian Business smartphone behemoth, Research in Motion, the maker of the Blackberry devices ha s announced a direct competition to the apple ipad, as you know has created and widely opened a new premium market for internet tablets. Now, the Blackberry makers have successfully carved up a tablet for this niche market. Its called the Playbook.