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More details about the Xoom 2 get leaked

Yesterday we got to know about the Xoom 2 through some pics and vague info regarding the specs. But more specs are now surfacing thanks to the folks at the verge.

The supposed leak includes specs such as :

  • An unspecified Dual core processor
  • 1 GB of faster RAM – does it mean ddr2 ? like in Atrix ?
  • 1080p Video recording with Netflix streaming (does this suggest OMAP4 ?)
  •  Stylus and optional keyboard accessory planned

Other details include Adobe flash player 11 support (Supposedly the first tablet to feature this), Home automation software to be included (IR support in hardware ? ) and some built in moto apps for wirelessly syncing with your PC. Let’s just hope all these rumors are true.

Source The Verge

Pictures of Moto Xoom 2 break cover

The Xoom 2 has been rumored for a long time now. Finally, it has leaked in pictures. The image you see above is the face of the new Motorola Xoom 2, or should i say, Googorola Xoom 2.

Anyhow, the next version of the original Xoom, is codenamed MZ617. According to DroidLife’s sources, the Xoom2 weighs similar to the original, has HDMI and micro USB at the bottom, and a HD camera on the back with big buttons for power and rotation lock. A SIM card slot is present, assuming LTE is supported. No mention about the processor, screen size looks like the same 10.1″. And look at those angled corners, they definitely remind me of Nokia’s design styling with the N8,E7 and X7. Also, the Nokia patent design for tablet looks *very* similar. Come on Nokia, sue google/motorola NOW 😛

Let’s hope atleast this Xoom is good for a tablet experience. But for this to succeed, Android honeycomb has to be good, i don’t see that happening. Check source link for the picture of Xoom 2’s backside.

Source Droid Life

Droid X2 to be dual core ? Video says so !

Someone named AndroidBandit has uploaded a video that supposedly shows Droid X2 booting up and the juicy stuff is, the boot screen says it’s dual core !

Motorola mobility has already doled out two dual core devices namely the Atrix 4g and the Xoom, so this doesn’t come as a surprise. And definitely , this must run the same Tegra 2 chip that is present in the latter two devices. The guy in this video apparently has a proto, so it kind of lags, but please, don’t start shouting “lagdroid obviously lags” 😉

the stuff:


Intel shows off Medfield prototype

The above interesting photo is from the recent intel conference where one of intel’s top dogs, Anand Chandrashekher is supposedly flaunting a medfield soc based prototype smartphone.

Before you start wondering what I am blabbering about, am talking about intel’s next generation SoC, meaning intel’s biggest entry into the mobile phone space , obviously with nokia as the partner and meego being the platform. Why I am sure of this is? because no other popular mobile phone os can run on x86 hardware.

Let’s come to how it looks, it definitely looks like a droid to me 😀 especially looks like a droid x with visible touch buttons in the bottom. But we all know android is not capable of running on x86 hardware . So, my conclusion based on it’s looks is probably a Nokia made prototype (maybe n9-01) just for testing out the soc .

And the ui is pretty pixelated if we try to zoom in so, I will reserve judgement for that. Well if we go by timing, it is perfectly apt for nokia to launch n9 with medfield SoC on 13th at Barcelona . But we know nothing, don’t we ?

The most sane thing to do would be to wait for a few weeks to actually know the true story . Till then it’s my job to speculate and rekindle my fanboyism for Nokia.

P.S I have been really busy lately and I blame myself for the abysmal scarcity of posts in January , I hope to post normally in February . Also, this is my first post from my iPod touch(PC is down 😦 ) kindly forgive me if there are formatting issues.

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