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Configure push mail using Exchange ActiveSync on your Symbian^3 device [How to]

Mail has always been criticized on all the Symbian devices, except of course the E-series devices which always used to have great push support through Nokia messaging.

For the first time ever, after starting to use unlimited data connection on my phone, i decided to start using push mail for my commonly used Gmail account but couldn’t figure out how. So, the upcoming illustration will help you configure Exchange active sync on your Symbian 3 device for Google mail, likewise you can add your corporate mail too.

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Nokia launches *new* naming scheme and *new* Symbian strategy with the Nokia 500

Nokia have started their new Symbian strategy with the launch of Nokia 500, a low-mid range Symbian Anna smartphone with a processor clocked at 1 GHz. Let’s not get carried away by that number, i will explain it’s existence after we see what this phone packs, other than the processor speed.

C5-03 successor ?

The specs you need to know are :

  • 3.2 inch TFT nHD 360X640 display with a capacitive touch screen
  • 2 GB internal storage memory with microSD card expandable to 32 GB
  • 5 megapixel camera full focus with VGA recording at 15 FPS
  • Runs Symbian Anna
  • Interchangeable color covers


Nokia E6 and X7 start shipping with Anna on board

Well, this has been fast, the Nokia X7 and E6 , announced on 12th April has started shipping in less that two months. You can get it in your nearby stores in the coming weeks, and if you are in finland, you can get it today.

Shipping !

You can get to know all about these devices here —> Roundup of the announcement and my thoughts.

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Today’s Nokia announcements and my thoughts [12-04-2011]

Nokia announces “Anna” along with the E6 and the X7 as it’s representatives : a big roundup

Yes, the much leaked and pre-announced X7 , and the most detailed leak ever, the E6 have been formally announced today. The X7 is a 4″ slate with specs almost similar to the C7, and the E6 is of the hybrid touch n type form factor that comes with a Qwerty keyboard.