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N8 vs iPhone [Video camera Test]

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As you can see well during the comparison, is that the N8 s colour reproduction is far ahead of the washed out iphone camera especially during the close up of the chairs.

More and more videos make me much more long for the N8 arriving in weeks.

N8 starts Shipping | Arrives to India in one week, says NPD

Starts Shipping

Yes!! Great News today that N8 has started shipping from the manufacturing locations of Beijing,China and Salo,Finland.


RIM announces the Playbook Tablet[Comes with Qt]


The Canadian Business smartphone behemoth, Research in Motion, the maker of the Blackberry devices ha s announced a direct competition to the apple ipad, as you know has created and widely opened a new premium market for internet tablets. Now, the Blackberry makers have successfully carved up a tablet for this niche market. Its called the Playbook.


Nokia = Innovation

Nokia Research Center

Just caught a glimpse of the grand tour of Nokia research center at engadget and was simply wowed by the crazy engineering going on at the cambridge Nokia Research Center.

Check out the videos after the break.


N8 Sample Night Video with [Carl Zeiss] Demonstrations

N8 with Carl zeiss lens

Well, the N8 is proving to be the best in what it is best known for, the camera, the stunning 12 Mp camera takes awesome pics and also shoots 720p masterpieces. I have found a video in youtube, along with a bunch of samples from apparently a Nokia employee who’s been given an N8. He has uploaded 5 videos shot from his car both during day as well as night. But the video taken in the night is what surprises me so much. There is literally no noise, thanks to the big sensor and the picture is ultra clear thanks to the awesome carl zeiss lenses in the phone.


NFS shift on vivaz

Hit the video on youtube for further details.

What can we expect from the N9 after this Nokia World? [Perspective]

The uncertainty of the N8 being delayed looms large in my head, and a serious threat to its purchase comes in the name of the rumored Nokia N9. Yes, it has serious potential to stop getting the N8 into my hands if it is announced before i get the N8. The N9, according to Nokia’s leaked roadmap is placed at the top end of the pyramid of Nokia devices and they fall under the category of Mobile Computers rather than Smartphones.Eventhough, being repeatedly leaked, its specs are still a mystery. Here is the leaked image :

Nokia N9

Everyone agreed its not a fake bcos it takes design cues from its brother , the N8.

Read on for my thoughts