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Nokia and social media : my perspective, my journey

Nokia is well known for it’s powerful slogan : Connecting people, how do they actually connect people ? Through mobile phones, of course, but that doesn’t stop there.

Social media, as we know by now, is very powerful in terms of scale and accessibility thanks to the giants like Facebook and Twitter. But the real power lies in the way it is used. Handling of any type of media is tough. Ask any of the media related persons, they would gladly attest to it. So, how does Nokia come into this picture ?

Read on to find out how i perceive Nokia as a social media brand.


Ovi store web client now supports Nokia Drop | Transfer apps to phone directly over the air !

The chrome2phone equivalent for Symbian has arrived in style ! It has been implemented through Nokia Drop which is already a great service to send links and wallpapers to phone.

This is what Drop usually does :

  • Change your phone’s wallpaper
  • Send image  to your phone (Note: images are send as a link and will be downloaded to mobile via Nokia Drop application)
  • Send URL to your favourite phone browser (ie. Nokia Browser or Opera Mobile)
  • Send map view or send selected location from
  • Send feeds to Nokia Reader or to native browser web feed

Now it supports this :

NEW: Install apps, wallpapers, themes, ringtones from Ovi Store without SMS

“Nokia Drop uses Push Notifications, so no cable or Bluetooth connection is needed.”

Just like Chrome2Phone right ? 🙂

Good to know that many trivial features like these are *still* coming for Symbian, hope everything is replicated to the next version of Windows Phone !

Check out the Video :

Available for all Symbian^3 users ( v1.3 )

Symbian^1 users can try this in v1.2 itself.

Download now and drop away !

Nokia Maps beta v3.08 brings weather and live traffic updates

Maps, the best acquisition-born product from Nokia has received a beta update that brings new features like weather updates and live traffic information for your route.The Betalabs blog has concise info on what this new version brings :

A new release of Nokia Maps v3.08 beta just launched! Aside from cleaner navigation and UI, there’s also a lovely new weather app where you can get conditions by the hour to help you prepare for the day, or expected forecasts to help you plan your week.  Live traffic routing information is now in the Drive screen and search details are easier to read, making it safer for you on the road.

So, a lovely new weather app and live traffic information in the drive screen. More notable additions are improved readability, so that it’s easier on the eyes while driving.

Source Betalabs <– Download here to try it out

Nokia launches the 100 and 101 – 20 and 25 euros respectively

Here come the most affordable Nokias that the world desires and still buys in emerging markets aplenty.

The Nokia 100 is a basic color display phone with FM, made for people who look for ease of use. It has down to earth features and is very reliable. Since it’s a Nokia, battery may come for around 4 days with a single charge. Priced at 20 Euros, this phone replaces the 1208.

The Nokia 101 is a Dual SIM version of the Nokia 100 with a the addition of mp3 player and a micro SD card slot for expandable memory.It’s priced at 25 Euros.

Both the phones feature a beautiful keypad for the best texting and great radios for the basic GSM calling experience. The Dual SIM 101 can remember upto 5 SIM cards which were used with the phone. I think the remembering part means the settings related to the SIM and the contacts ? I am not sure.

Beautiful promo videos :

Source Nokia conversations

Nokia 701 launched with C7 looks and Symbian Belle

The C7 successor arrives sporting some new hardware as well as new software in the form of Symbian Belle.

The Nokia C7 was and is a sexy device, the same sexiness now lives on in the new Nokia 701 sporting the same design with some colored hardware.

Imagine a C7 with a 1GHz processor, 512 MB RAM , a new graphics co processor with 4x more memory and a higher clock, replace the Amoled screen with the brightest IPS LCD available and coat it with Clear back display, bam ! you got the new Nokia 701.Every other spec is same as the C7, for a total coverage of the C7, check here.

Important difference to note here is the display which is of IPS type, not AMOLED. This is supposedly the brightest screen ever in a smartphone ( measured in NITs). Previously according to GSM arena, the E6 had the brightest screen ever, is the same technology being adapted ?  what does the clear black coating mean for LCDs ? What graphics co processor is present in the device, which is supposedly an upgrade over the previous generation ? Some questions like these need answering.

The 701 is supposedly the only mid-high range device launched today, other two are mid and low-mid range. This costs 420 USD before taxes and subsidies. Pretty neat eh ?

Video :

For more coverage :

Symbian Belle

Nokia 700

Nokia 600

Source Nokia Conversations

Next generation Symbian, [Belle] launched

Like they teased us earlier, they have brought on the new Symbian and have launched it at the Hong Kong event today, along with three new devices, more on the devices here – ( Nokia 700 Nokia 701 and Nokia 600 ).

Symbian Belle is the next iteration of the Operating system after Anna. Belle brings a completely modern interface with lots of new widgets and Apps. Fortunately due to a leak, i have been using a beta version of Belle and wow, it rocks !

Read on to find out the features and new UI tweaks.

New features :

  • Free form live Widgets !
  • Six homescreens to stuff everything up
  • New swipe down thin status bar ( Like Android )
  • New navibar at the bottom, does away with Avkon softkeys
  • New lockscreen
  • NFC support

Here’s a video tour

Here’s the official promo :

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Source Nokia conversations

The rumored Nokia 1GHz S40 has arrived in gold, sells only to oil-rich Arabs, for now

Had this been released before the Nokia 500, Symbian 3 users would have cried blood. Lo – behold the gold plated S40 device : Nokia c3-01 gold edition

Not too long ago, I had ranted about the same ,on a news mentioning 1GHz Nokia devices arriving to the S40 portfolio in the form of C3-01.5. And i had asked you to take the specs list with a pinch of salt, you should have had a tub of it really, nothing’s true except the processor speed 1 GHz.

Specs of the C3-01 Gold edition are :

  • 2.4 inch QVGA display with a resistive touchscreen
  • Body is 18 carat gold plated with a ceramic feel keypad ( luxurious materials are used )
  • 3.5G HSDPA connectivity with a quadband radio and usual features like Bluetooth/Wifi are available, oh and USB otg is there too
  • Charging through micro USB as well as std. charger
  • Micro SD card slot for memory expansion upto 32GB

It has started shipping to the eastern european nations and the middle east, where it will be available for 225 euros ( Pretty cheap for a gold plated device ! ). Perfect demographic target i would say, because the sheikhs love to pimp up their phones with gold or whatever they find pricey. They should be really happy that Nokia is launching there first. It will slowly start creeping to other markets if need arises.

Source Nokia Conversations