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Pictures of Moto Xoom 2 break cover

The Xoom 2 has been rumored for a long time now. Finally, it has leaked in pictures. The image you see above is the face of the new Motorola Xoom 2, or should i say, Googorola Xoom 2.

Anyhow, the next version of the original Xoom, is codenamed MZ617. According to DroidLife’s sources, the Xoom2 weighs similar to the original, has HDMI and micro USB at the bottom, and a HD camera on the back with big buttons for power and rotation lock. A SIM card slot is present, assuming LTE is supported. No mention about the processor, screen size looks like the same 10.1″. And look at those angled corners, they definitely remind me of Nokia’s design styling with the N8,E7 and X7. Also, the Nokia patent design for tablet looks *very* similar. Come on Nokia, sue google/motorola NOW 😛

Let’s hope atleast this Xoom is good for a tablet experience. But for this to succeed, Android honeycomb has to be good, i don’t see that happening. Check source link for the picture of Xoom 2’s backside.

Source Droid Life

Microsoft to dole out Windows 8 based Quad core tablets for devs at BUILD ?

Windows 8 created quite a stir when it was demoed at the All Things D conference a while back. However the details were really vague, the company promised that they will reveal more stuff at the BUILD conference that is set to get underway in September.

Now, at the TechED meet going on at New Zealand, Microsoft has given the people there a sneak preview of not one, but two tablets and has promised the devs that they will be giving out a ARM based Quad core tablet in an event in the near future. Does that mean the BUILD conference ? Hoping so.

Windows 8 is the company’s real effort at entering the ever burgeoning tablet market. Commercially said to arrive by mid 2012, the product is under active development and a lot of questions are yet to be answered. Hope MS comes up with good enough answers at the upcoming BUILD conference and certainly, the giving away is a smart way of getting the platform ready with a plethora of apps, but it is nothing new.

Source SmartGeek via WinRumors

ASUS EeePad Transformer makes Indian debut at Rs.32,999

Great news for all you tablet crazy people out there. The much coveted Android honeycomb sporting ASUS EeePad transformer tablet has arrived on Indian shores, with a price tag of Rs.32,999/-.

What makes this tablet special ? Well, it’s the form factor !

Absolutely innovative stuff from ASUS. Clip on full size keyboard transforms the touchscreen tablet into a portable workhorse. Remove the keyboard and it transforms into a more portable tablet-y form factor. And it has a slew of ports that supports many interfaces like mini HDMI, USB with OTG capabilities ( Not supported in software yet ).

Other specs are like almost similar to other Honeycomb tablets with reference hardware such as : Dual core Tegra 2, 10.1 inch screen with 1280×800 resolution, 16/32 GB of mass memory, 1 GB of RAM..etc

Coming to the price, i think it’s a bit high considering the biggest competitor “iPad2” is priced much lesser at 29k. But the form factor is an attractive one, people looking for tablets as laptop replacements may find it worthy.

via ZOMGitsCJ

Asus announces PadFone, the smartphone docket tablet

After the pretty good sales of the Eee pad transformer, ASUS is back with another innovative product, well not yet, but it is a product-to-be. It has been announced at the computex today. It is called the PadFone.

It’s a simple innovative concept that takes advantage of the hardware’s interfacing capabilities. The 4.3 inch smartphone is docked into the 10.1′ tablet like device on the back like the picture shown above. Basically , you get two form factors in one. Much like the Motorola tablet dock ,but without keyboard. Overall the 10.1 ” device is merely a touchscreen display with battery and extended ports. Pitched to run Ice cream sandwich which aims to unify both the smartphone and tablet UI in Android. ASUS has currently shown off the mockups alone, It will probably launch after Google officially announces Ice cream Sandwich.

Hope atleast this doesn’t get supply issues like how the Transformer got. So, are you interested in saving up for a device like this ?

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Awesome Remote control for Meego TV/Tablet [Video]

Meego is the future, it is , i am guessing to be most ported platform across a range of devices.
An awesome app for the WeTab ( the first meego tablet ) enables a touch pad like remote for a meego based set top box. So, you can browse the internet on the TV. Mostly like the touch pad on the logitech revue for google TV based on android.

Have a look :

Source via mynokiablog

The New Dell Inspiron duo


And it runs Windows 7



Dell’s foray into the tablet market is by the means of the Hybrid Dell Insipron Duo.

The concept here is you can flip the Touch screen tablet and it becomes a netbook with a full keyboard. Awesome right ?

Here’s a video of Dell showing off its new Inspiron Duo which is bound to arrive by the end of 2010.

via Engadget

RIM announces the Playbook Tablet[Comes with Qt]


The Canadian Business smartphone behemoth, Research in Motion, the maker of the Blackberry devices ha s announced a direct competition to the apple ipad, as you know has created and widely opened a new premium market for internet tablets. Now, the Blackberry makers have successfully carved up a tablet for this niche market. Its called the Playbook.