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iAds producer : design ads for iOS Devices easily

If you are a developer and don’t have enough time to code for extra stuff like iAds , well Apple now have a solution for you. Its called the iAds producer.

The iAds producer

This is a tool that lets you easily create the iAds using templates. No need to dig into HTML5 and CSS3 stuff , but it includes options to edit them too. Also there is a powerful javascript editor built in, to provide power users more options. So, apple has made it easier for you to adopt its iAds model so that you may easily create free apps, and now faster thanks to the iAds producer.Its available for the Mac OS X, so get it now on the Apple website.

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Mac OS X 10.6.5 Update now Live

New update for the Mac OS X snow leoplard is available for download.It has many bug fixes and stability improvements importantly mainstage performance improvement in some macs, according to Engadget.

So, what are you waiting for ?

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Apple “Back to Mac” Round up

Steve Jobs, unusually slimmer than ever, announced a bunch of cool stuff today. I will just put it in a concise manner with some pictures.