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C7 gets PR1.1 while N8 is left behind, yet again!

Today, Nokia has rolled out the PR1.1 firmware update for the C7. The firmware update brings some minor visual enhancements like landscape dialer and mainly speed and stability enhancements. I don’t own the c7,but what my friends told in twitter was like it was certainly speedier than before. Probably some kernel optimizations might have been put into effect. So PR1.1 is more like a performance and stability update.

How to get this update :

dial *#0000# and then click options –> check for updates. The update sizes around 6.5 mb so feel free to download even via edge.

And yes, yet again the n8 is left behind like when swype came for the c7 officially before it came for the n8. I , as an n8 owner , obviously feel jealous of the c7 getting attention way before than supposedly the flagship n8.
I mean, why does the sexy girl get all the attention ? Why not the handsome humble male ?

Enough of my stupid comparisons, anyhow I am sure n8 will get it soon, tomorrow maybe ? And this c7 is one sexy piece of hardware, get it for it’s size zero figure , comes with the latest update too 🙂

Image courtesy @SirajSoft and his iphone4 😀

Nokia big screen [My Impressions]

Nokia Big screen is a beta app available on Nokia Beta Labs now available for all HDMI out supporting Symbian^3 devices like the Nokia N8 and the yet-to-be-released Nokia E7.

Nokia Big Screen

Before starting to blabber my thoughts, i will answer some FAQs

1. What does it do ?

A: After you install this app, whenever you plug the HDMI adapter to your phone, the app automatically starts. There are two faces for this app, one is on the HDTV and other is on the touch screen. The HDTV displays the media centre app in 720p while the touch screen turns into a directional remote. If you are not getting what i say, there is a clear video after the break to explain that.

2. Where can i get this app ?

A: You can get the app here and don’t forget, you should have a Nokia account to download this app.

3. What are the advantages ?

A: Your Symbian^3 device turns into a media centre, plays movies,music,slideshows in a fancy way. Movies display subtitles, Music shows lyrics if available, and of course the photo library can do a nice slideshow. And you can control everything wirelessly if you have a Wii controller or any other Bluetooth device that supports HID.So, the advantage you get is showing off your media to an audience while relaxing in your couch.

If you have any more questions don’t be shy to shoot it at me in the comments section 🙂

Head on after the break for my impressions and a video preview.


My Pocket Dance Entry [Contest]

Folks at WomWorldNokia have this competition called the pocket dance competition,and they are giving away 10 Nokia N8s along with 10 BH-217 bluetooth headsets.

What you/we have to do is just make a creative video using the given pocket dance tune and submit it to them.

This is exactly what i did, the entries close on 4th January, i am just in time, i guess ?

Here’s my Entry :

Like my video ? Share it ,tweet it , do whatever you want, you can even download it and play it in reverse to see how forward actually looks 🙂 puzzled ?

Win a Zero-G shuttle trip #NokiaN8Productions

The Nokia N8, the phone that i own currently has been the favorite for the PR guys at Nokia. They did many novel things by promoting it through the Tron movie, made a short film using it called the commuter and also made sure it was a part of a huge campaign like for example, locally in India, was the N8 urban spree blogger photo shoot. Now they are doing a similar thing by announcing today, a new competition in which you can actually win a flight trip to Florida and experience a zero gravity shuttle trip.

A video has been posted on Vimeo as an advertisement to this competition be sure to check it out here.

Read on for more.


Colours of India in low-light [Shot on a Nokia N8]

USP of the Nokia N8

“The Nokia N8, most certainly the best cameraphone ever.” This is what most of the U.S blogs said when they reviewed the N8.

I was certainly impressed by the camera, and am still impressed by its performance, especially in low-light situations. Be it either a still photo or a video, the N8 just amazes me.

I was out with my friends in elliots beach, chennai, and i wanted to test the camera without firing the flash and see how it performs in low – light.

So, here it goes, all the photos are taken in auto mode with/without flash. All photos have some blurriness thanks to my hands being shaky all the time. However  am presenting you the normal point and shoot scenario.No tripods, only hands and all photos were taken casually with no efforts to stabilize hand 🙂

All photos have been resized to 1/4th for the blog’s sake.


Blue Nokia N8 [Gallery]


The Blue Nokia N8 Gallery

From my Unboxing Video you would know that i have the blue Nokia N8,  So, now i thought ,why not showcase the N8 in close-ups ?

I present to you, my handpicked gallery of the blue Nokia N8. Read on to find more pics.



New browser gets demoed on the N8

via Alex68 from mynokiablog

The above video has been removed by Nokia due to copyright violations.Anyway my thoughts blow :

The new Qt based browser that is still in development stage includes some UI changes:

* address bar at the top

* Text entry without going into separate keypad.

Still not able to perceive any performance increase, but we cannot judge an *under development* browser.

And also, did you notice a small change in the homescreen ? It does not wait for you to finish your swipe.

The Commuter [Short movie taken on the Nokia N8]

Well, this Movie stars Dev Patel of the slumdog millionaire fame, Ed westwick and Pamela Anderson. And is actually taken with the Nokia N8.

Imho, the film totally sucks. yuck. And to, all of you guys wanting to see some Pamela anderson action, she comes in the film for 3 seconds and there is no hawtness, boo !

Now, lets see the movie, lights off ? popcorn ready ? get the spit bucket too 😛

So, while you are wonderin how the film sucks, you can now start wondering how they took a movie with the N8, here’s your answer, Notice the guy who comes in front of the lift has the N8 mounted on a steadicam setup.

Behind the scenes :

How to Optimize your Browsing experience on the Nokia N8 and other Symbian Devices


Thanks to mynokiablog and its tipster, i finally have a way to load heavy web pages like engadget without the browser getting hung.

Its still bad, but better than before.. Hope Nokia releases the new browser soon for Symbian.

The Nokia N8 camera school


N8 with Carl zeiss lens



The good chaps at the Nokia Conversations have started a very long and detailed learning session of the N8’s camera that is provided by the Camera Guru Haje Jan Kamps of the very famous blog.

He is going to give tips and tutorials on how to handle the camera accordingly.

Good marketing initiative imho. I will be updating the links on this page now and then, stay tuned for the complete School lessons.

via Nokia Conversations