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Sony ericsson launches a colorful “Shakira” , says its a walkman series phone W8

Remember the cool walkman series phones you used to own sometime in the past ? Flashy interfaces, loud speakers and snazzy colors were trademark features of the walkman phones from Sony Ericsson. I can’t keep count of how many of my friends raved about these phones. Well, Sony Ericsson has now hinted the repeat of that legacy by launching the W8, simply a colored version of the cheap Android smartphone from SE, the Xperia X8 codenamed “Shakira”.

It runs Android 2.1 and is walkman series branded, look at the nostalgic logo below the hardware keys.This might, as well be on of the few walkman phones, or maybe the lone Walkman phone with a 3.5 mm jack ? But it’s for the best i would say, who likes the proprietary port anyway ? Other specs are same as the X8, Read more about the phone here .

Quick specs round up : a 3-inch, 320 x 480 touchscreen, a 600MHz processor, 168MB of RAM and Android 2.1

Gameloft shows off 10 titles for Xperia Play [Video]

You know SE Xperia play , the PSP phone *hell yeah !*. Gameloft, one of the leading mobile gaming companies has demoed 10 titles on the Xperia Play.

Those titles are :

  1. Spider-Man: Total Mayhem
  2. Uno HD
  3. Assassin’s Creed: Altair’s Chronicles
  4. Real Football 2011
  5. Star Battalion
  6. Splinter Cell: Conviction
  7. Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus
  8. Let’s Golf! 2
  9. Brother’s In Arms 2: Global Front
  10. Asphalt 6: Adrenaline

Have a look at how it plays out in the brand new PSP phone ! Again *hell yeah* !

Via Android Central

Xperia ARC : Impressions from a fan

The Xperia Arc

In an era of modern smartphones, the joint venture of the two tech Giants ‘Sony’ and ‘Ericsson’ failed to gain the respect as Samsung, HTC or Apple did. Their flagship device, the Xperia X10 received an ‘underdog’ treatment from the world market. Sony Ericsson lost the game in almost every aspects like the outdated Software and also in the Hardware front. The lack of multi touch increased the gap between the consumers and the device.

About three quarters later, Sony Ericsson has come up with a competitor which made the techies to turn their heads around at CES, and count SE as a key competitor in the smart phone market. The XPERIA ARC is “the result of the failures and boos it got from the X10”. Here are my first impressions of the device .


A few good leaks [CES special]

Leaks, as we know are extremely speculative and stir up the blogosphere like crazy, and in times(trade shows,MWC,CES) like these it grows manifolds. So, i am starting this new feature on my blog to showcase numerous leaks in a nutshell so that you don’t miss all the fun.

This week, the consumer electronic show is happening in Las vegas, U.S.A!! and my favorite gadget blog Engadget is the official blog of CES.So you can guess how overloaded my brain is gonna be. ok now let’s get to the leaks.

Read on to find out what we have in store for this week


The PSP phone spied on Video

Some lucky dude has seen the PSP phone , codenamed Zeus in action and also took a spy video to show the world what he saw.

By the look of it, seems screen is very reponsive. And, i am guessing its running Gingerbread here(previous screens had shown a froyo build), and also the gorgeous big screen comes into the picture, probable 4 inch. We have already seen some great info from Engadget like the phone is going to run Gingerbread for sure and it has a proprietary Z system for the gaming platform.

So, what are your guesses ? expecting some announcement on the SEfrance dec 9 conference ?

Via Engadget


Xperia X10 finally getting multi touch in 2011

We all know, X10 has a capacitive screen but no multi touch.If you ask why,Sony Ericsson will say that the hardware is not capable of multi-touch.

But,finally, after listening to so many disheartened fans of X10 , they have finally found a work around(a new driver) to sort of enable multi touch which enables pinch to zoom importantly in Google maps and other apps like photos, and even in Angry birds. However this update will be available only during the first quarter of 2011, thats what folks at the Sony Ericsson blog say.I Wish it had come along with the 2.1 update.But , better late than never.

One more thing to note is , this implementation is not so perfect and causes weird things to happen when the X-axis and Y-axis of the digitizer come close.You can see that in this video :

And you cannot use the multi-touch tapping for games, so , there are no chances of you playing a football game or a fps style game on the X10. Bummer , eh  ? But, for all you X10/SE fans out there, something is better than nothing.

Android Eclair(2.1) for Xperia X10 starts rolling out this weekend


Now with 2.1



After Numerous delays, the X10 finally gets the much awaited update of Android Eclair(2.1) starting this weekend and it will roll out in batches. So, dont expect it to arrive instantaneously, it will take time.

This update , dubbed X10 HD brings 720p video capture complete with continuous autofocus like the Vivaz.And it also brings many advancements that are common to eclair.Even X10 minis are updated, so its actually the whole range getting updated.

So, are you excited about this update ?