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The New Nokia C6-01 – Total Coverage

Nokia C6-01

The successor of the Nokia C6 without the qwerty keyboard deserves a special mention for using environmentally conscious recycled metal that’s high-class(according to engadget).The smallest Member of the Symbian^3 family features a 3.2 inch Mulit touch Amoled Screen with Nokia CBD. Enough with the specs, i ve covered enough. Lets get to the total coverage. (Click respectively for the Total coverage of C7 and E7)


The Nokia C7 – Total Coverage

The Nokia C7 as we already know, being leaked and all has been released along with other devices at Nokia world event – Day1.

Nokia C7

Already we know some basic specs of this device and i also did a huge 4 device comparison of all the symbian^3 devices.Now that we know all the Specs and details we need to know , i am gonna bombard you with whatever content related to the Nokia C7 is available on the internet including major hands-on demos,Ads and whatever connected with C7.

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