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Wireless input(Not BT) to Symbian devices through USB OTG ftw ?

Just now , after some browsing, came across this video that shows the Nokia E7 connecting to the Arc mouse , by Microsoft through the wireless dongle connected  via Micro USB port(taking advg of the OTG feature). Take a look :

While researching more about Arc mouse i found that it uses the common 2.4 ghz 30 ft wireless technology that was previously used in cordless phone and all current wireless ones except bluetooth keyboards and mouse.So i guess all the wireless keyboards and mice would work with OTG adapter, i don’t have one but i am going to give it a try at my friend’s place and let you know.. what the heck i may even buy one haha 😀

New Symbian UI , how will it look ?

After all the hustle about Nokia Microsoft partnership, it seems our dear Nokia is still committed to bringing updates, including the new UI to the major smartphone platform, Symbian.

We all got a glimpse of it at MWC, it is going to be designed in Qt QML.  While friend, Jay Montano found this photo during some Chinese presentation by Jo Harlow :

new UI

While this almost gives us an idea how it’s going to be, i wanted more and while searching through the interwebz i found this :


Nokia X2-01 : My first impressions [w/ Box gallery]

Nokia X2-01

Nokia X2-01 is a low-mid range qwerty device for the masses,that comes with a very attractive price tag(Currently retailing at around Rs.3,800/-). I have been using this as the main phone for a few days and so, i wanna let you know my initial impressions of this device.Before that, you should get to know about the device right ? Read on to find out more pics and my impressions.


The Clingo Universal mobile stand

Have you been wondering if there is a comfortable notification solution for your mobile phones while at home or work ? i have got one for you. It’s the Universal mobile stand from Clingo.

It’s a compact solution for a sticky stand that uses the amazing clingo technology. Its a non sticky adhesive and can hold a reasonable amount of weight like mobile phones, no peel, re-usability guaranteed. Take it along in your pocket unfold it and use it as a stand anywhere. More snaps of the stand and its usage scenarios : (more…)

Foursquare for S40 devices [Video]

Foursquare , the location based app that’s rocking the world over, is coming to the widely used S40 platform, which lives in the low-end spectrum of devices all over the world. Now, i have to say, foursquare just got bigger by releasing it for the S40 Nokia Phones.

It is available for download in betalabs and hence, carries the beta tag, but we all know how beta apps in betalabs have been taken care of and ended in the right away, lets hope the same for this app too. And since this is beta , it needs your contribution to make it better. Hit up the source link for download link and more details.

Here’s the video :

Source : BetaLabs


RIM and TAT make Playbook interesting [App demos]

Sometime ago , you might remember RIM made a great move by acquiring the UI company called TAT. Well, now the partnership is starting to bear fruit and it is delicious.

First demo is of the app called “ScrapBook” , features very nice effects and fun features, have a look :

Next is a physics based weather info app called ‘Aura” it’s cool how TAT has made the Playbook very artsy 🙂

Overall i am very happy RIM acquired TAT, and looking forward to some more eye-candy stuff from them .


No Open source love for Windows Phone Marketplace ?

Yes, you saw it right, i am talking about the Windows phone Platform. Because of the recent #NokMsft deal, i have now started concentrating some WindowsPhone stuff in which i used to be very measely interested in. But that aside, there’s a shocking news for new developers wanting to hop onto the Windows Phone ecosystem which is gaining a lot of traction due to the partership.

MarketPlace doesn’t allow devs to distribute their apps using an open license. More commonly, there is no chance for a developer to distribute his code under a GNU license or any other equivalent license, which MS call an “Excluded license”.And it’s crazier when we know Microsoft itself has contributed to open source software , the Hypocrisy. All this is visible in the Application requirements section available in the Microsoft website itself.One more big blow is, even if you want to develop a closed source app, there cannot be any open source libraries used in your creation, Bummer !!

Nokia, a supporter of open philosophies has joined this specific ecosystem, which refuses the same. It would be interesting to see how this pans out, can Nokia pressurize Microsoft to be more open ?

For more tech details on this, read : Thinq