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Apple pre-announces iOS5 and icloud , Jobs will preside

In an attempt to quell rumors of the next generation iPhone launching on WWDC’11, Apple has officially let loose some info about the worldwide developers conference that is about to happen soon. It’s the next generation of software and some cloud services. Bloggers have already coughed up names for these as “iOS 5” and “iCloud” . so , i am allowed to use them as the names , right ?

Basically, Apple has intended to release/showcase the next generation iOS and the new cloud services. No details on what they are and how they are going to work. Also, the WWDC’11 starting day may see the OS X Lion finally shipping to retail.And guess what ? El Jobso will be there to preside over the event and make fanboys go crazy, hell i am already crazy here, to see what my iPod is going to get soon. Better notifications and Mac OS like dashboard are on my wishlist, what are your wishes ?

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White iPhone to launch in spring 2011 ?

Courtesy : 9 to 5 mac

Well, apple stores around U.S getting these posters like above have sprouted news that spring 2011 is the launch time for the iphone 4 in white, finally!

But, the new iphone 5 would be pending early summer.So, will you wait for the new one or get your long awaited white version of the iphone 4 ? or you gonna get that white iphone kit and get the black iphone 5 later ? ;)its upto you, fanboys. get you savings up for both.

iOS 4.2 speedy on the iphone 3g ? [Video]

You all must have known somehow that iphone 3g sucked on the iOS 4 . Even text entry was a shame on it.But it seems iOS 4.2 brings some speed and stability improvements to the 2008 iphone 3g. TipB seems to think so.

Have a look :

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Epic games and id software launch EPIC games for iOS

Gaming on the iOS is never silent, day to day, they launch some great title and all of them are somewhat unique.

Now, these are not unique but EPIC. I mean i am amazed by the power of the hardware and how they have exploited it.Famous game-makers, Epic and id software have each released a game that takes advantage of the new GPU in the Apple A4. 

Id software has launched the Mutant bash TV game that s based on the awesome rage engine for iOS. Its graphically spectacular you should have a look at it. They are right now selling the standard version at 0.99 $ and the retina display version at 1.99$.Quite a steal i would say. But you know it is not a complete FPS, you are on rails and shooting zombies.

RAGE engine demo
And you all must have downloaded the epic citadel demo for iOS , right ?
Now, a game has been launched on that graphically stunning engine and it is available right now in the App store as Infinity Blade. Just have a look at this trailer and then , i would recommend, BUY iT !!

iOS 4.2 GM for developers is out

As you can see, the multitasking iOS for the ipad is now finally available !! But only for developers now. It is also made available for the iphone and the ipod touch.

So ? have any iOS app developer friends ? ask them to hit this link and enjoy the latest version for your much loved apple devices.

And, if you find any changes, tell me in the comments section below.

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Worms 2 : Armageddon arrives for iOS

Available now in itunes App store.

The Worms franchise is well known, as we have already reviewed the PC version of Worms:Reloaded here.

It was already there for the iphone too and now they have released the successor.

Check out our review for the kind of gameplay you get from the worms franchise.

GarageBand or Pro tools on iphone??!!

Pocket GarageBand

Apple seems to be adding core midi functionality to the ios 4.2 that is going to be available soon, which means that we can connect midi interfaces through the iphone dock port, awesome!! so, what does it mean, pocketgarageband is possible now? maybe even pocket pro tools.

we all know apple is very famous for apps like this and if they are coming to the iphone, thats a huge step forward in on-the-go music production. after having seen A.R.Rahman compose on-the-go using ipad, am seriously stunned by the musical versatility of the iOS and the Mac and apple itself, personally, i would like to see them on the iphone and would like to really try on it.

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