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Real racing 2 goes real HD with 1080p rendering on HDTV

The best looking racing game for the original iPad as well as other iOS devices, Real racing 2 has been updated especially for the latest gen. iPad , the iPad2 which supports full HD output.

The update brings some mind boggling features like dual screen support, like the above image. The iPad acts as a steering wheel while showing various data about the track. Pretty awesome ain’t it ? Have a look at the video and full changelog after the break .


Apple iPod Touch 4G Unboxing

Apple iPod touch 4th generation

Yes, i finally gave into the craving for iOS and got my long-delayed first iOS device, the ipod touch 4th gen. First lets see the key takeaways :

Ordered in ascending interests.

* Retina display ( 960X640 resolution with very high pixel density on a 3.5 inch display ) however it is TFT not IPS like iphone 4 , so viewing angles are bad.

* Apple iOS : Plethora of Apps,games and offers best browsing and in-app experiences. Does a little bit of saved state multi-tasking as well.

* Hardware : 1 Ghz Apple A4 SoC with 256 MB ram ( yes, not 512 like ip4 ) and Power VR SGX 535

* Looks : Very slim ( just 7.2 mm ) but very prone to finger prints on both front and the back. Stainless steel back is very much prone to scratches. Build quality is excellent but handling it can be really scary.So buying protection accessories like scratch guard and back cover is a must 😉

* Other good features include 720p recording and stills using back facing cam, front facing cam for facetime, Gyro for gaming.

So why i bought the ipod touch along with the N8 ? well ,that deserves a separate article , right ?

Read on for some photos and an unboxing video shot on my Nokia N8 using continuous autofocus mode 😉


Quake 3 full version on iPad

So, guys with jailbroken iPads, want some fps awesomness ?

Quake 3 , the most played multiplayer game on any platform, has now been released as a jailbreak – app for iPad. Point to note is its been already there for iphone/ipod touch for sometime but they didn’t release the game on the iPad till now.But however the game is available only as a jailbreak-App

What’s great is that the iPad manages to render the game very well even with very high-res textures.

via Redmond pie

They have got some instructions and info, read on :


iPhone 3gs gets HD Video Recording

Jailbreak often creates wonders like these.

An awesome hacker called Mike has enabled HD Video recording for the iphone 3gs.We all know that the iphone 3gs is certainly capable of handling the HD resolution due to its powerful GPU.But somehow, apple restricted it through software.So, what our hacker friend did was remove it.

The resolution exactly is 1080×800 which is actually termed XGA, is encoded at 30 fps and at a bitrate of 20 mbps, which is humongous. The hacker should be lauded for his efforts of upping the resolution from 640×480.

Redmond pie has given instructions on how to achieve this jailbreak.


AMD launching next-gen Radeon cards next week

AMD after it removed the Ati branding from its Graphic card series, is now preparing to launch the next set of the Radeon graphic cards series coming week.Why this is of great importance is that they are already one-up with Nvidia now since Nvidia were so late with their Fermi launch, and so, they will be late for this too.

We can expect 2-3 folds performance increase from the previous generation is what insiders say. Well, for the consumer its happy times 🙂

So, HD6xxx series , anyone ?

via engadget