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Samsung to acquire WebOS business instead of PC biz ?? | Hires HP exec

Well well well, would you look at that ? First, there were rumors of Sammy buying HP’s PC biz, they vehemently denied it afterwards. But suddenly they have scooped up an exec from HP to manage their own PC biz. That HP exec is Raymond Wah, a VP of the PSG ( Personal systems group ) unit of HP which includes WebOS.

Digitimes reports that Samsung is also considering buying the WebOS biz. for competing with Google and Apple. wait.. what ?

So, they have considered their long time partner, a competitor now ? Way to go Google, you and Moto are screwing up the relationships. More questions arise if this rumor is true. What will happen to Bada ? Doesn’t it sell a lot more than what these WebOS devices sold in their total lifetime ? Will they abandon Android and Windows Phone to completely adopt WebOS as their only strategy ?

WebOS plus Samsung hardware sounds fun but as of now WebOS works only on Qualcomm chipsets much like Windows Phone. Samsung is an end to end sourcing company which does not want to rely on other manufacturers. How will it play out if the rumor is true ?

We just have to wait. To add more fuel to the rumors, HP and Samsung have declined to comment. Let’s see where this goes.

Source Digitimes

Microsoft poaches WebOS devs with free WP7 phones and tools

WebOS devs are endangered species after yesterday’s shocker and as usual, MS’ Brandon watson, who usually promotes Windows phones very differently ( like offering celebs and internet personalities free Windows phones to try out, posting his phone number on twitter for devs and spammers ) has offered any published webOS dev to take a WP7 ride.

AllthingsD reports that Brandon, sr. director of windows phone had tweeted :

I am sure there are many webOS devs who would be interested to join the Windows phone platform and the key driving force for them would be the free phones and tools, hehe jus kidding.

Windows phone already has more than 25k apps in the marketplace now and is growing faster than AppStore or the Android market in it’s first year. And now that Nokia is coming into the mix, it should get much better and webOS devs can’t get a better offer than this.

Can India be interested in Hp’s recently launched WebOS devices ?

Interested ? Click for larger image

Hp, after the acquisition of Palm, were silent for a long time until launching the already planned, already designed Palm pre 2, or rather the Hp Pre 2. The Pre 2 was a failure inspite of lukewarm media response, in front of the iPhone and the ever burgeoning range of Android Super phones with huge displays and screaming fast hardware. Hp had been silent again, until the 9th of February, that is yesterday, they showed off some new hardware in all sizes, small, medium and big. The event was named “Think Beyond” which was in tandem with Apple’s yesteryear slogan “Think Different”.Read on to find more about these devices and OTHER stuff 😉 Before that, have a demo of some WebOS action :


N900 new firmware PR 1.3 rolls out today | Plays WebOS games

Image courtesy : mynokiablog

N900 , the most geeky phone ever produced by mankind, today , as promised , gets the new PR 1.3 Firmware. It was mentioned earlier that there will be an option to dual boot with Meego.But there’s no official word on it now from Nokia. But unoficially, people have been doing it for quite some time now.


HP/Palm confirm WebOS phones for 2011

Great news for all the smartphone fans out there!

Hewlett-Packard , after recently acquiring (the most watched and followed) Palm due to its dwindling funds. HP actually made heads turn when it signed the dotted line for this major acquisition and thus breathed new life into a sinking ship.Well what it did exactly was spend more on WebOS development and started rejuvenating the version 2.0 of the famed OS.