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Nokia 701 launched with C7 looks and Symbian Belle

The C7 successor arrives sporting some new hardware as well as new software in the form of Symbian Belle.

The Nokia C7 was and is a sexy device, the same sexiness now lives on in the new Nokia 701 sporting the same design with some colored hardware.

Imagine a C7 with a 1GHz processor, 512 MB RAM , a new graphics co processor with 4x more memory and a higher clock, replace the Amoled screen with the brightest IPS LCD available and coat it with Clear back display, bam ! you got the new Nokia 701.Every other spec is same as the C7, for a total coverage of the C7, check here.

Important difference to note here is the display which is of IPS type, not AMOLED. This is supposedly the brightest screen ever in a smartphone ( measured in NITs). Previously according to GSM arena, the E6 had the brightest screen ever, is the same technology being adapted ?  what does the clear black coating mean for LCDs ? What graphics co processor is present in the device, which is supposedly an upgrade over the previous generation ? Some questions like these need answering.

The 701 is supposedly the only mid-high range device launched today, other two are mid and low-mid range. This costs 420 USD before taxes and subsidies. Pretty neat eh ?

Video :

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A cool demo of NFC and QML in Nokia C7

Alright, i should clear this first, the Nokia C7 was launched before the Nexus S. Nokia, as usual screwed up their matketing by not telling the world that they have put an NFC chip in the C7, while google showed off in the Nexus S pretty happily . Anyway, in the Mobile world congress, a third party application dev company called Digia had the pleasure of showing us what the NFC chip in C7 can do, and it is pretty slick thanks to the Qt Quick UI of the App. Have a look at the video :

It’s pretty cool right ? Seems very promising for a shopaholic . Enhances the shopping experience very nicely that includes sharing, ratings, touch to get details, getting advice from friends, seeing reviews for that product and what not ? Sounds like a web 2.0 type intelligent app. And aptly named ShopWizer too , you know , Shop wiser 😉 Should come out soon for select markets after Nokia gives C7 the green flag for NFC in a new firmware.

Via QtStudios

C7 gets PR1.1 while N8 is left behind, yet again!

Today, Nokia has rolled out the PR1.1 firmware update for the C7. The firmware update brings some minor visual enhancements like landscape dialer and mainly speed and stability enhancements. I don’t own the c7,but what my friends told in twitter was like it was certainly speedier than before. Probably some kernel optimizations might have been put into effect. So PR1.1 is more like a performance and stability update.

How to get this update :

dial *#0000# and then click options –> check for updates. The update sizes around 6.5 mb so feel free to download even via edge.

And yes, yet again the n8 is left behind like when swype came for the c7 officially before it came for the n8. I , as an n8 owner , obviously feel jealous of the c7 getting attention way before than supposedly the flagship n8.
I mean, why does the sexy girl get all the attention ? Why not the handsome humble male ?

Enough of my stupid comparisons, anyhow I am sure n8 will get it soon, tomorrow maybe ? And this c7 is one sexy piece of hardware, get it for it’s size zero figure , comes with the latest update too 🙂

Image courtesy @SirajSoft and his iphone4 😀

And now C7 is available in India

Yes, great news. The Nokia C7 is available now in India for Rs.19,490. Bit high ? The Nokia N8 was launched at 26,250 i bought at 25,000 on the first day of launch and now it costs 23,000. So, wait for one more week it will be down to some 17k to 18k , which is a great price for this device.

Nokia C7

Main differences between N8 and C7 :

Cons :

* 8 Megapixel camera with full focus on the C7 whereas 12mp autofocus camera on the N8

* No HDMI output on the C7 but has normal Tv-Out via component cables.

* No USB otg cable included in the package

Pros :

* slimmer design, call/ end keys available [ N8 doesnt have call/end buttons]

So, if you want a budget multimedia phone that can do everything the N8 basically does (like 720p recording/viewing,3d games,USB otg,and all the other symbian^3 caveats) in a stylish slim package that obviously is also slim in terms of the packaging(small usb cable, old headphones) . Check out your nearby Nokia Stores for details.

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via @maheshtelecom , follow him on twitter for latest prices.

Nokia C7 is shipping now


Starts shipping in record time


If only the N8 had been shipped like this.

Yes, the Nokia C7 in all its slimness has started shipping and will invade the retail stores in some weeks. Not sure what s gonna happen in India.

Here’s a video from Nokia Conversations :

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