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iPhone 5 coming to AT&T early october : BGR reports

This will be quick.

You might have seen “Apple is launching the next iPhone around September/October”

Now you’ll be seeing “Apple is launching the next iPhone early October”. Yes, BGR reports that the iPhone 5 is ready to launch on At&t early October. They seemed to have got a trusted source in the form of a an At&t VP who says

“Expect things to get really, really busy in the next 35-50 days, so prepare your teams accordingly.”

There has been too many rumors about this phone already, so i’ll refrain from commenting. Good to see they are launching as promised.

One thing i gotta say though, ” Apple, surprise me”

Source BGR

Samsung planning for Galaxy branded 3d phone Q4 2011 ?

Well, who didn’t see this coming ? We all know how the two korean giants always battle it out, while LG has been the forerunner with the optimus 3D already available in the market, it’s now Samsung’s turn this year says trusted korean blog ET news.

coming to a phone near you ?

The phone is rumored to be the 3d version of the overtly popular Galaxy S2, running the same dual core Exynos processor that Samsung has homegrown. Might launch with the same Android Gingerbread, but sources say that it will get an update to the ice cream sandwich. So, will Samsung deliver ? Will 3D content become mainstream ? Let’s just hope so, and honestly, we should really start saving up for a 3D tv to spice up our living rooms.

Source via sammyhub

What can we expect from the N9 after this Nokia World? [Perspective]

The uncertainty of the N8 being delayed looms large in my head, and a serious threat to its purchase comes in the name of the rumored Nokia N9. Yes, it has serious potential to stop getting the N8 into my hands if it is announced before i get the N8. The N9, according to Nokia’s leaked roadmap is placed at the top end of the pyramid of Nokia devices and they fall under the category of Mobile Computers rather than Smartphones.Eventhough, being repeatedly leaked, its specs are still a mystery. Here is the leaked image :

Nokia N9

Everyone agreed its not a fake bcos it takes design cues from its brother , the N8.

Read on for my thoughts