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[Poll] Nokia N8 or E7 ??

Yes, i know pretty tough to answer myself.





The GadgetBuff App is out!!!

Hey Folks!!

Thanks to Nokia’s Ovi App Wizard, My Blog’s RSS feed is now available on Ovi Store as an APP , YAY!!! 🙂

So,Check my feed on the move and be updated of Gadget News,Views and Reviews.

Here’s the Link — Download

Screenshot :

GadgetBuff App

Best Stuff from Nokia World!! [VIDEO]

Really the Nokia research guys are the best!!!

Many things got a mention at the Nokia World 2010, i am just making sure these doesn’t get lost in the Device announcement posts.

Just look at this technology with just a camera:

Its called the Nokia Plug and Touch, well my Jaw’s on the ground now.

And this above video demonstrates INDOOR navigation , whoa!! breath-taking stuff if you ask me, i can literally find my friends in a very big mall or in a concert and walk to them without any effort,Really AWESOME!!!

via MynokiaBlog, this above video is an augmented reality Magazine , please just watch the awesomeness!!!

The app called Junaio is supposedly open source, so augmented reality apps are gonna flourish .

The app will be available on Ovi Store Soon.

So, after seeing these really cool videos i am out-of-words on what to express.

Gizmodo should take a note of this, can this happen in any iphone or android phone??

My sincere advice to Gizmodo :Think twice before posting Bullshit.

Nokia E7 – Total Coverage

Its the E7,the celebrated one from the Nokia World 2010.

The Nokia E7