You must have been aware of the whole blackberry – India issue , right ? The past was like this :

Courtesy :

In short Blackberry was asked to allow security agencies to have a look at their e-mail and messaging(blackberry to blackberry) servers for interception of data(terrorism concerns) . And Blackberry had a tough time and announced that all the manufacturers should be taken into account for this.And yes, the government has offered blackberry time till jan 2011 to allow tools for interception.

In accordance to this security issue, Nokia , today, has installed a server for its email and messaging service allowing security agencies to intercept the data and also assuring consumers that their privacy won’t be compromised.Nokia’s country head M.D.Shivkumar has personally addressed Home secretary G.K.Pillai through a letter regarding Nokia’s conformance to all the legal and security obligations that are needed by the Indian Government.

Now this is a big step for Nokia, Blackberry may be forced to follow suite.


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