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Galaxy Tab global sales reach the 1 million mark

The Samsung galaxy tab(considered the only legitimate competitor to cupertino’s stellar seller,the Apple iPad) has sold 1 million units worldwide(speculative).

What does this number mean ? not much.., these numbers are definitely not high, considering it was pitched directly against the ipad. Samsung must not be very convinced of this number since they had very high expectations for this device.For reference, the Tab sold 600,000 units on November 22nd. So, you can get the picture , right ?

My short cameo with the Tab left me very unimpressed with its incompatibility issues, lag and some other annoying things especially the form factor, well that’s me. And there are 1 million people who are not me,and have bought this device.That’s quite a number of people and it clearly explains the marketing muscle of Samsung.

If you are still interested in buying the Tab check the specs out here.

The current market price for the Galaxy Tab in India is Rs.37,500/-

Via engadget