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Nokia Sues Apple …. Again

Its been a long time since we heard of this battle. Nokia, the largest vendor of mobile phones has added 13 more patents to the already huge 24 patent lawsuit over Apple Inc.

Who ll win ?

This may actually go on forever since both companies are big and have enough money to hire patent lawyers for the long term.Nokia has added those 13 patents related to touch screen gestures and application stores which, it says was patented 10 years before the first iphone was even released. Well, then Nokia must sue Google too, i guess ( android market, anyone ? )

The included patents related to:

User interface, on-device app stores, antenna structures, signal noise suppression, messaging functionality, chipsets, caller ID, display illumination, integration of multiple radios, and data card functionality

And they have given a press release too, boy!, these guys shout stuff out loud. PR after the break

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Mac app store opens Jan 6/1/11

While bragging about the new macbook air, our one and only super-ceo steve jobs let it slip that there is going to be a Mac App store coming soon. Now they have confirmed its launch date.

They have revealed the date of App store launch as 6th January 2011. It will work same as the iOS app store and devs will get the same 70 percent of the app price ( provided the app is a paid one ). For now, the Mac App store works only on Snow leopard( dont worry leopard users,some workaround will come up ) and Apple plans to unleash the store in 90 countries at launch.

It will have categories like “Education, Games, Graphics & Design, Lifestyle, Productivity and Utilities” Pretty much everything’s covered here i guess.So what are you waiting for, port or make your mac App and submit it now.

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