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Navteq buys Trapster

Navteq, a Subsidiary of Nokia, has acquired a company named Trapster, which shares speed traps and other traffic data. Basically this is enabling community input for location data, hence the acquisition for enhancing Ovi maps.

A quote from Reuters :

(Reuters) – Nokia’s(NOK1V.HE) Navteq, the world’s top digital mapping company, has bought California-based speed trap sharing service Trapster to strengthen its location-linked content offering, it said on Monday.

Apparently Trapster currently has 9.4 million users, so thats a huge base for Navteq to work on, and of course, it will enable them to be ahead of the competition in some niches stuff like traffic flow and other data.

Via Reuters

New Android Market Brings new UI(Ver. 2.2.6)

A rumor was going around that the Android market is getting updated to feature new UI, now it has become true.

Have a look at this screenshot :


Courtesy : XDA-developers


So, do you notice the nice nip and tuck beautification of the market ? It’s supposed to have UI elements from the Honeycomb flavor of Android that is bound to release soon. So, download it right away and experience the new UI. The main advantage of the new UI is , you can view details of the application by being in the same page, means not needing to navigate to another tab. And some respite has been given to the apk size constraint of 25 MB, now it has been increased to 50 MB. Still , i think it limits the potential of the Market for Games.

Supposedly available for all flavors of android, but if you find any issues feel free to comment.

Read on to find a rough changelog :