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Meizu M9 gets a website and a spec sheet

Meizu M9 , if you have not heard, is the most famous(arguably) iphone clone made by the chinese extraordinaire.

Now this company is also famous for its outspoken CEO jack wong who has teased us with the M9 for quite sometime now.Also, it is one of the most competitive clones in terms of Hardware as well as software.

Lets look at the specs :

  • 3.5 inch 960×640 Sharp ASV display ( doesn’t want to infringe apple patent by calling it retina display )
  • 1 Ghz S5PC110 processor ( like in the hummingbird SoC touting Galaxy S )
  • Android Froyo with a complete custom skin, all the usual connectivity options like WiFi,Bluetooth,GpS.
  • And for the first time, supports All forms of GSM/3G technologies(M8 supported only Td-CDMA tech). So the phone is going global πŸ™‚
  • Removable 1370 mah lithium ion battery.

To sum it up, it IS a clone of the iphone 4 and it IS awesome! Hope it releases everywhere including India πŸ™‚

Via Engadget

Play Back-up Games on your PS3 [How to]

Hi fellas,i am Pramod and i am a complete GameBuff.Now say hi πŸ™‚

Here is an easy-to-understand tutorial for jailbreaking your ps3 and run backed-up games onto your PS3.

First, you need to understand some basics of hacking.
The ps3 runs a firmware(FW) which might have version numbers like 3.15, 3.41, 3.42, 3.50 and so on, each having their respective security updates. So to hack your ps3, you should mandatorily have the 3.41 FW. (Just recently the 3.50 spoof has been released to support some of the latest games like assassin’s creed brotherhood and Black ops- but in essence they’re still the 3.41 FW SPOOFING the 3.50 FW). So even if you have the 3.50 FW in your ps3, pls make sure you downgrade to 3.41. As of now, i’m not giving the tutorial on downgrading, which is a process unto itself, but i will give the basic tutorial to run your own back-up games on your ps3(assumption – 3.41FW).

Read on to find out detailed steps.


True caller 2.10 adds support for Symbian^3 and a mysterious feature

True caller, an amazing app that gets you info on unknown callers ( like location, country etc ). While this is the main functionality there are lots of added advantages too.

Quoted from their website :

Social Caller ID see your Facebook and LinkedIn friends latest status message and profile picture on incoming/outgoing calls
Caller ID+ by sharing your address book information with other CallerID+ users we can now support CallerID service for all countries in the world! ItΒ΄s only possible to make a lookup on incoming calls and requires you to opt-in share.
Call Filter – mark numbers as spam and get notified or block them from calling you
Update phonebook with missing information
SMS-Popup shows you a preview of the incoming SMS and who the sender is
Tweet your incoming/outgoing calls with TrueCaller directly to your Twitter
Name and number search in more than 27 countries
Maps and directions

Thats a lot if you ask me. Now go ahead and DOWNLOAD IT HERE.

Changelog is after the break and the interesting part, too is after the break, read on :