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Galaxy S reaches the 9.3 million mark

Samsung galaxy S, as we should know pretty well, is the most successful Android phone ever. So successful even google asked Samsung to make their next phone the Nexus S. Now Samsung reports it has sold about 9.3 million phones till now . This of course includes all the galaxy S models culminated, the captivate, vibrant, fascinate.. etc. But the sheer amount of this sold just says really how android is growing. And if you are wondering why Galaxy S has sold this much, here are the reasons why :

  • Super Amoled display
  • 1 Ghz Hummingbird SoCĀ  with the world’s fastest GPU ( Power vr SGX 540 )
  • Updated with Froyo, offers great flash enabled browsing.
  • Better battery life than competitors

Well these are the points that come in my mind when thinking about the success of this phone. Add more in the comments on why you think this phone is successful!

Image courtesy : Engadget