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Nokia 600 launched – Loud and beautiful

Nokia claims the Nokia 600 as the loudest smartphone ever, runs the latest and greatest Symbian Belle.

Aimed purely at youngsters and the music friendly crowd, this may be the “Belle” version of the Nokia X6. It shares the same specs as the Nokia 700 except for the screen which is plain TFT.

The 600 is full plastic and features the loudest speaker in a smartphone ( measures 106 phon, sames as the Nokia X1-00 ), it has an internal FM antenna for wireless Radio. This phone is an entertainment hub considering how multimedia rich the Symbian OS is.

This too, has NFC like the 700/701 and features all the innovative things Nokia has put into implementation for NFC.

Priced at 180 euros, this will be best smartphone in that price range no doubt about that. Will sell loads in emerging markets if marketed right.

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Nokia 701 launched with C7 looks and Symbian Belle

The C7 successor arrives sporting some new hardware as well as new software in the form of Symbian Belle.

The Nokia C7 was and is a sexy device, the same sexiness now lives on in the new Nokia 701 sporting the same design with some colored hardware.

Imagine a C7 with a 1GHz processor, 512 MB RAM , a new graphics co processor with 4x more memory and a higher clock, replace the Amoled screen with the brightest IPS LCD available and coat it with Clear back display, bam ! you got the new Nokia 701.Every other spec is same as the C7, for a total coverage of the C7, check here.

Important difference to note here is the display which is of IPS type, not AMOLED. This is supposedly the brightest screen ever in a smartphone ( measured in NITs). Previously according to GSM arena, the E6 had the brightest screen ever, is the same technology being adapted ?  what does the clear black coating mean for LCDs ? What graphics co processor is present in the device, which is supposedly an upgrade over the previous generation ? Some questions like these need answering.

The 701 is supposedly the only mid-high range device launched today, other two are mid and low-mid range. This costs 420 USD before taxes and subsidies. Pretty neat eh ?

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