Yes, great news. The Nokia C7 is available now in India for Rs.19,490. Bit high ? The Nokia N8 was launched at 26,250 i bought at 25,000 on the first day of launch and now it costs 23,000. So, wait for one more week it will be down to some 17k to 18k , which is a great price for this device.

Nokia C7

Main differences between N8 and C7 :

Cons :

* 8 Megapixel camera with full focus on the C7 whereas 12mp autofocus camera on the N8

* No HDMI output on the C7 but has normal Tv-Out via component cables.

* No USB otg cable included in the package

Pros :

* slimmer design, call/ end keys available [ N8 doesnt have call/end buttons]

So, if you want a budget multimedia phone that can do everything the N8 basically does (like 720p recording/viewing,3d games,USB otg,and all the other symbian^3 caveats) in a stylish slim package that obviously is also slim in terms of the packaging(small usb cable, old headphones) . Check out your nearby Nokia Stores for details.

Click Here for my full coverage of the Nokia C7.

via @maheshtelecom , follow him on twitter for latest prices.

Comments on: "And now C7 is available in India" (2)

  1. Harish said:

    seems to be a good alternative to those who don’t wish to go as high as N8 (price wise).. what say?

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