Today, Nokia has rolled out the PR1.1 firmware update for the C7. The firmware update brings some minor visual enhancements like landscape dialer and mainly speed and stability enhancements. I don’t own the c7,but what my friends told in twitter was like it was certainly speedier than before. Probably some kernel optimizations might have been put into effect. So PR1.1 is more like a performance and stability update.

How to get this update :

dial *#0000# and then click options –> check for updates. The update sizes around 6.5 mb so feel free to download even via edge.

And yes, yet again the n8 is left behind like when swype came for the c7 officially before it came for the n8. I , as an n8 owner , obviously feel jealous of the c7 getting attention way before than supposedly the flagship n8.
I mean, why does the sexy girl get all the attention ? Why not the handsome humble male ?

Enough of my stupid comparisons, anyhow I am sure n8 will get it soon, tomorrow maybe ? And this c7 is one sexy piece of hardware, get it for it’s size zero figure , comes with the latest update too 🙂

Image courtesy @SirajSoft and his iphone4 😀

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