Well, look what we got here, a beautiful NFC enabled BH-214 successor in a compact package. Well done Nokia !

The Nokia Essence features a stereo bluetooth headset with NFC pairing and i designed similar to the BH-214 except the 3.5 mm jack is not present in this device. The in-ear phones are now in black, woo !

Best part is the Noise cancellation, nearly 99% of the ambient noise is cancelled and provides you a clean music experience with this headset. And NFC pairing will make it very easy for you to connect/disconnect with a touch. I know it s a big usability boost cos i am suffering a connection disconnection inconvenience with my Bh-214 and the N8 even though they are allowed to automatically connect. This device works with any bluetooth 2.0 compatible phone and also the present 5 NFC enabled Nokias that are available in the market ( Nokia 700,701,600,C7 and N9 )

Complete specifications here.

No prices mentioned in Nokia’s page, let’s see what it is when they ship it.

Source Nokia conversations

Read on to learn more about the Noise cancellation.

Nokia says :

How does noise-reduction work?

If you listen to music using regular earphones and there’s noise around, then you’ll probably have to turn up the volume very loud. Even then, you’ll probably still be able to hear outside noises and might even be doing harm to your ears. Noise-cancelling headsets contain microphones that listen to the sounds around you, then create an opposite sound which is blended in with your music. This “reverse-noise” is intended to cancel out the noise around you. The extent to which this works depends on the quality of the microphones, the responsiveness of the electronics and the quality of the algorithms that create the noise-cancelling effect. With the Nokia Essence each of these ingredients are the best we’ve ever produced.

More coverage about Noise cancellation by me here

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  1. Do you have evaluation piece with you?

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