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Windows Phone market explosion in 2012 ? [Thoughts]

Chinese Fireworks

Recently, after Microsoft unveiled the “Mango” update, which was arguably, a software update, it released a teeny tiny interesting bit of news on the hardware side too. Am talking about the three new OEMs joining Microsoft’s party. They are Acer,Fujitsu, and behold .. ZTE, the fourth largest mobile phones manufacturer in the world !

Yes , once , and still ,majorly an infrastructure manufacturer ( like GSM equipment, routers etc. ), ZTE has joined the Windows phone ecosystem. They are already in the Android ecosystem for some years now and boy, did they make a killing ! Almost all Android phones launched by Indian pseudo-manufacturers were licensed from ZTE, like the overtly famous Micromax Andro based on the ZTE Penguin and the Dell XCD35 which was wildly popular in the U.K by the name of “Orange San Francisco” is nothing but a ZTE Blade. Impressive, no ?


Microsoft gets more $$$ from Android than from Windows Phone licenses

Here’s some startling information . According to Citi analyst Walter Pritchard, Microsoft gets $5 for every HTC device sold, which is a patent dispute settlement over an IP infrigement. So, if we calculate how much MS earned from HTC’s androids alone, 5$ for 30 million HTC androids, thats 150 million , more than what MS gets for windows phone ( 2 million licenses, each 15 $ = 30 million ).

Hoouah !!

Also, supposedly, MS earns from other Android manufacturers too, nearly 7.50 $ to 8 $ per device. Now, we know why MS bought skype , right ? Just kidding. Point is, it earns more from Android than Windows Phone.

Another interesting claim is that, Android OEMs barely get 10 – 15 % margin for smartphones and 2 – 3 % for Tablets.All those numbers just make partnering with Microsoft just better, eh ? No wonder, Ballmer famously proclaimed ” Android is not free “. Numbers look sad for the OEMs but i am wondering how they manage to cook so many devices with such low margins, arguably.

However, all these numbers are from a single analyst, so let us not judge immediately , wait for others’ take on this matter. Am sure this will spread like wildfire.

Source SAI

Turn by Turn navigation demoed in Mango | Nothing like Ovi/Nokia maps.

First of all, apologies for being out of posts since, i don’t know, a month ? Well, that’s attributed to many factors that forced me to access internet on mobile connections only.  Now i am back. yay !

Ok, let’s talk about the new hipster fruit in town, “Mango” . It finally got officially launched on May 24th by Microsoft at a VIP event in NYC. One of the many new features ( 500, they say ) , is the inclusion of turn-by-turn Navigation, which, Nokia users are used to, since N95.

Turn by Turn Navigation - Bing !

The implementation is nowhere near the stellar navigation in Ovi maps, actually it reminds me of the good old Google maps navigation, which didn’t have voice guidance, while Bing maps has it, and the lady is rude, yo !

Now, the video after the break.


Windows Phone Mango demoed [Video]

Here’s some of the cool stuff that was demoed earlier at Mix’11 vegas. Head of software WP, Joe Belfiore ( the same guy who demoed mango at MWC ) shows us much more cool stuff that comes with mango. And it’s very interesting to look at because, this version of the Windows Phone is THE flavor that might hit Nokia windows phone devices.

Really cool stuff ! mainly during the demo of the Qantas App. Have a look !

FYI, Mango should be coming by fall.

No Open source love for Windows Phone Marketplace ?

Yes, you saw it right, i am talking about the Windows phone Platform. Because of the recent #NokMsft deal, i have now started concentrating some WindowsPhone stuff in which i used to be very measely interested in. But that aside, there’s a shocking news for new developers wanting to hop onto the Windows Phone ecosystem which is gaining a lot of traction due to the partership.

MarketPlace doesn’t allow devs to distribute their apps using an open license. More commonly, there is no chance for a developer to distribute his code under a GNU license or any other equivalent license, which MS call an “Excluded license”.And it’s crazier when we know Microsoft itself has contributed to open source software , the Hypocrisy. All this is visible in the Application requirements section available in the Microsoft website itself.One more big blow is, even if you want to develop a closed source app, there cannot be any open source libraries used in your creation, Bummer !!

Nokia, a supporter of open philosophies has joined this specific ecosystem, which refuses the same. It would be interesting to see how this pans out, can Nokia pressurize Microsoft to be more open ?

For more tech details on this, read : Thinq