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Nokia SeaRay with Windows phone Mango leaks, again !

First it was our “favorite” CEO Stephen Elop who foolishly asked to put off live cameras away in a press meet while revealing the N9 clone of Windows phone called “SeaRay”. While that video has faded into oblivion thanks to copyright claims on Youtube, a new one featuring the same version has been found, this might be taken down soon too, take a look :

This is more of a leak than the last video. It has been shot in a factory where the phone might have been produced/tested. Go chinese !

We need to mainly note that there is no Front facing camera or atleast we cannot see. There are capacitive buttons present for interaction. Previously we could not see them. Looks exactly like the N9 (duh!).

So, do you like it ? Or do you still want the N9 ? 😉