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[Review] Samsung Galaxy 3 : VFM Android smartphone of the year

The Samsung Galaxy 3(Codenamed i5801) , let me put it this way, A mid range monster that eats eclair for dinner. Think you can get it, right ?

Galaxy 3

Ok,stupid jokes aside,the Samsung Galaxy 3 is a Android 2.1 running smartphone that is available for a dirt cheap price. So, you get all the Android goodness that you have been longing for without burning a hole in your pockets, (yes, i am looking at you, HTC legend and HTC hero). With this phone,Samsung has gained entry into the mid-range section of the all important developing market, India.

Giving a complete Android experience at a mid-range level is quite hard, but Samsung has done this in a staggering way.By releasing major mid-end Galaxy branded phones called galaxy 3 and galaxy 5.Now , we are going to see about the Indian version of the Galaxy3, known in other countries as the Galaxy Apollo. You have to note that even other countries have the galaxy 3 with the same features of the galaxy Apollo but with a less glossy design.

In my review of the Galaxy 3, i will concentrate only on hardware since i have not experienced Android enough to write a review on its software…

Now onto the Review after the break.