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1 ghz Nokia C3-01.5 spied, it’s S40 mind it!

Hellz yeah, while Symbian users are whining away with paltry 680 MHz processors in their SMARTphones, here comes a leak which has a supposedly “dumb” S40 device – the Nokia C3-01.5 sporting a 1 GHZ processor with 512 MB RAM and a clear back amoled capacitive display. It definitely looks like the upgraded Nokia C3-01 which is of the touch and type genre of phones. Please take the specs with a pinch of salt, they might not be true.

GSMArena has scored the leak from a chinese site, visit them for more details.

Now, the rant :

Seriously, Nokia ? Smartphones are getting 680MHz processors while S40 dumb phones getting 1 GHZ processor with 512 MB RAM ? On one hand , i am glad S40 is getting powerful with the supposed addition of Qt to the platform, on the other hand, i am pissed. Well, all for the best , i should assume. One day, the new S40 which might be linux based running a fast Qt UI with a much better browser and thousands of nice third party apps might be the biggest Smart/dumbphone hybrid we’d have ever seen. Either way i see, Symbian is SOOO dead haha.

Nokia X3-02 quick unboxing and first impressions [Video]

The first touch and type phone from Nokia , the X3-02 has been the main phone for me ,the past few days and i am mighty impressed !

This phone comes in the X series range of Nokia devices which are traditionally known as the XpressMusic devices, that always come with stellar music capabilities. X3-02 is a huge nod to that legacy. Mainly aimed at youngsters looking for a premium-looking music device with a wide range of connectivity options, X3-02 delivers and delivers strongly.

XpressMusic ?

My first impressions :

Great build quality, very sleek and light , excellent music capabilities (for ex : loudspeaker is loud,crisp and clear, headphones perform great) very decent camera ( i mean it in a positive way, of course ). Software (S40 6th edition) is decent, but really needs multitasking capabilities and good social networking clients. Ovi store was good to use but apps were scarce. Keypad needs getting used to, due to the weird layout.That’s it for my impressions, read on for the unboxing video and some really close up snaps of the device.